• Reflexions - Season 5
    The Management Fest of IPER Bhopal
    15 - 16th Dec, 2017
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Upcoming Events

Exciting Contest Events in HR, Finance, Marketing & General Management

Star Attractions

Fashion Parade, Foot Loose, My Identity, Conscience Calls, The Trade Show

Schedule of Events

15-16th Dec, 2017

HR Events

Saathi Saath Nibhana, The HR Scavenger, Caterpillar

15-Dec10:00 AM

Finance Events

Finwise, Khoj Khajane Ki, Virtual Trading, My Franchise

15-Dec10:00 AM

Marketing Events

Vigyapan, Ranbhoomi, Market Kshetra, Business Quiz

15-Dec10:00 AM

General Management Events

Quest - The Treasure Hunt,Champions Arena,
We The People

15-Dec10:00 AM


The musical event

16-Dec02:00 PM