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  • Congratulations to IPER Students
  • Congratulations to IPER Students
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Setting the basics right - Aptitude Tests

The first test you face in any Campus Recruitment program is Aptitude Tests, and companies prefer Online Aptitude Tests now. Click here to learn how to prepare for Online Tests?

Interview Preparation

Job interview tips and how to present yourself to make the right impressions. Read more ...

Article By Prof. (Dr.) Hersh Sharma, IPER

Recruit at IPER

With access to over 3,000 talented, young professionals, IPER students can be the right option for your firm regardless of your size, growth phase, industry, geography or hiring outlook.

Please contact our recruitment office- 9826 07 8897 or email: placement@iper.ac.in

Pre placement Preparation

Support Initiative by Placement Office

Pre-placement support provided by our Placement Office includes the development of employability skills, support with developing CVs and applications, training and support for interviews and assessment centres (if required), access to employment advice and placement employment opportunities, and support/advice from a placement team with knowledge of the employment market and opportunities. All students are provided with a briefing on the intiative along with the expectations, policies and assessment framework for the placement.

Students who fulfil the eligibilty on placement programmes are be provided timetabled placement preparation organised by their Placement Office. Additional placement support & advice is available from their designated mentors

Useful Recruitment Videos

A collection of useful resource videos from across the world. See what the experts have to say...

Submit your own interview experience

It's always helpful to get job interview tips from job seekers who have aced the interview. Your experience with placement can be of great value to other students.

Share your tips, experience, advise here..

Thought Of The Day

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Student life and Events at IPER Bhopal

Aug 19, 2017

“The Spark” – 21st MBA College Induction Day of IPER
On Saturday 19th Aug, 2017, the students of MBA Class of 2017-19 stepped in for the first time at IPER Campus, as the Institution celebrated the 21
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