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A Post Graduate Diploma in Management at IPER enables you to succeed in a dynamic business environment. We educate and develop global corporate citizens enriched with the knowledge to benefit businesses and the society at large. Our programmes and applied research initiatives have a consistently high teaching and research excellence standards.

Reputation and Standards

Distinct Pedagogical Practices

Learning at IPER features a combination of classroom and practical activies including visiting experts from the country’s top Business Schools and Video Conferencing across the world.
Our degree includes psychometric analysis, communication assessment workshops, SWOT analysis and goal setting, role-playing, resume writing workshops, simulated interviews and team exercises.

Career Development

The PGDM course of IPER gives you a streamlined career path and ensures that you are moulded and ready for it, through regular and prolonged exposure to the unique career building modules introduced in each trimester of this course.
  • BEAT (Behavioural Enhancement and Attitude Transformation) Module
    Behavrioural Enhancement and Attitude Transformation (BEAT) is a focused component of the PGDM curriculum at IPER, which prepares the students for excelling in professional communication and team building skills, and grooms their all-round personality. With primary emphasis on building a holistic personality, BEAT nurtures the students towards enhancing their skills to prepare them for out-performing the competitors in the global job market.
  • Academic Extraordinaire :
    • Psychometric Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis and Goal Setting
    • Extempore & Elocutions
    • Resume Writing Workshop
    • Team Exercises
    • Communication Assessment Workshop
    • GDs & Role Plays
    • In-Basket Exercises
    • Simulated Interviews
  • IPET (IPER Placement Eligibility Test)
    A series of comprehensive assessment tools incorporating 360 degree evaluation to test the employability readiness at appropriate trimester ends.
  • FEM (Focused Employability Modules)
    FEM is led by a group of senior faculty and senior corporate persona . A rigorous series of special employability linked interventions to prepare students for various campus recruitment opportunities.
  • BMW (Business Model Workshop)
    A live business model analysis workshop .Groups of students are allocated with a company where they work for a week to understand their Business Model. An indepth analytical business model in the form of a case study is presented in front of the same company officials where they were allocated.

Industry Oriented Program

For 24 months, you interact daily with world class faculty members and your talented peers in an atmosphere of dynamic, collaborative and shared learning. The rewards of this experience last for lifetime resulting into ever growing placements record. The unique curriculum combines a real life management perspective a deep understanding of the national and global business arena, all structured within a dynamic learning framework.

Business Model Workshops

These are an in-depth analytical business models in the form of several case studies presented to various visiting company officials. This will hone your presentation skills and business confidence.

IPER Placement Eligibility Tests

This is a comprehensive assessment tool incorporating a 360-degree evaluation to test the employability readiness at appropriate trimester ends.

Student Clubs - Where the Students Organize Events

The four Student Clubs at IPER PGDM are organizations within themselves. Here, the students organize the events througout the year ! During your 2-year association with IPER, you will be a part of one of these clubs and it will give you unforgettable happy learning memories to cherish.
Within each Club, there are categories and specific programs or events that are organized, staffed and executed by volunteer Students and their team members. Each Club is managed by Students and Faculty of that area. Some of the activities encouraged are Group discussions by professionals, workshops, Simulation games, industry interaction and get-togethers. The Faculty plays a vital role as Mentor has to blend these activities with Management Education by inculcating the basic Managerial Skills Such as:
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Team Building & Group Dynamics

Ease of Learning
IPER PGDM has deep emphasis on ease of learning that’s why we have air-conditioned classrooms backed by world-class infrastructure like a visually beautiful hi-speed wifi campus, 3 storey library & computer lab. We want our students sole focus on learning that’s why we have taken special care to remove infrastructural bottlenecks. Visit campus to experience ease of learning at IPER-PGDM.

Experts on Campus
We believe on getting the best in the business at our doorstep that’s why we get expert academicians & corporates on the campus. Our guest faculties are carefully selected for a perfect fit as per the syllabus and are sourced from top b-schools, similarly corporates are invited to share anecdotes on their experiences and companies.
Exceptional Career
Our career center works with students continuously throughout the course to know the perfect job for you. We provide ample job oppurtunities for all our students. Our team travels the length & breath of the country to meet companies and invite them to our campus. Our long list of companies on campus is a testimonial to that.