Permanent Faculty Listing

Prof. (Dr.) Harish S Kulkarni

Dr. Harish Kulkarni, IPER Bhopal
Industry + Academic Experience: 20 years

Ph.D, MBA (Marketing & IT),
M.Sc (Mathematics), PGDCA

Expertise: Quantitative Techniques & Research Methodology, Operations Research, Consumer Behavior

Dr. Harish Kulkarni is currently working as Professor in IPER, Bhopal. He has done his M.Sc in Mathematics & MBA from Barkutullah University, Bhopal. He has also done his Post graduation diploma in computer application (PGDCA) from BU. He is pursuing his P.hd degree on the topic “Impact of Retail formats on Consumer decision Making Process” with special reference to Urban & Rural Areas of Madhya Pradesh. While doing his post graduation in mathematics he has developed a model that was later executed and customized in the field while working in the corporate.
He has done a hard core selling and marketing of different products at different capacity. New molecule launching and different Product launch (ME – 2) at different markets with urban, rural and micro interior areas by considering the taste and preference of different market portfolios and market profiles are key success areas. He has achieved various awards, rewards and appreciations from the various capacities of the corporate persons.

His area of interest is topology and topological space. Mapping of various attributes and making a different permutation and combination with respect to different markets are the key interest area. Research Methodology, Statistics, SPSS Managerial Economics, Quantitative techniques, retailing topology etc. are the key interest areas.

  • Model formulation
  • Consumer’s Decision Making Process
  • Retail Formats and Store Choice Formats

Appreciation certificates from Marketing Manager in Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. Secured 2nd place in paper presentation competition in National Conference 2012 at ITS, Gaziabad.

  1. Kulkarni H K. 2013.” Innovative retail formats and shopping choice behavior of consumer in rural and urban area”, Synergy.

  • Faculty Development Program on “RESEARCH AND DATA ANALYSIS USING SPSS” I.T.S – Management & I.T. Institute, Ghaziabad.2012.
  • Faculty Development Program on “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY WORKSHOP –I” as a Resource Person, Institute Of Professional Education & Research (Technical Campus) Bhopal.2012.
  • Short Term Course (FDP) sponsored by U.G.C, New Delhi “RESEARCH MOINITORING & EDUCATION” Organized by Department of Continuing Education & Extension, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, 2006.

  • Faculty Development Program on “RESEARCH AND DATA ANALYSIS USING SPSS” VNS Institute of Management, Bhopal, 2011.
  • Faculty Development Program on “RESEARCH IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION: ITS IMPORTANCE AND CHALLENGES” Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies, Lucknow, 2006.
  • Faculty Development Program on “WEB OPAC” as a Delegate, Institute Of Professional Education & Research (Technical Campus) Bhopal.2012.
  • Faculty Development Program on “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY WORKSHOP –II” as a Delegate, Institute Of Professional Education & Research (Technical Campus) Bhopal.2012.
  • Faculty Development Program on “CASE BASE TEACHING” as a Delegate, Institute Of Professional Education & Research (Technical Campus) Bhopal.2012.
  • Faculty Development Program on “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY WORKSHOP –III” as a Delegate, Institute Of Professional Education & Research (Technical Campus) Bhopal.2012.
  • Faculty Development Program on “RESEARCH TOPIC EXPLORATION” as a Delegate, Institute Of Professional Education & Research (Technical Campus) Bhopal.2012.
  • Faculty Development Program on “INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS” as a Delegate, Institute Of Professional Education & Research (Technical Campus) Bhopal.2012.

    • National Conference On “MARKETING IN EMERGING MARKETS: CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES,” I.T.S – Management & I.T. Institute, Ghaziabad.2012.
    • National Conference (AICTE Sponsored) “RESEARCH IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION: ITS IMPORTANCE AND CHALLENGES” Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies, Lucknow, 2006.
    • National Seminar on “CURRENT ISSUES IN MARKETING”, Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, 2007.
    • National Conference (AICTE Sponsored) on “Supply Chain Management in Global Environment” GLOBAL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES (OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES), 2007.
    • National Seminar on “Reconfiguring Marketing in the Changing Business Landscape” RETAIL MARKETING: REVOLUTION IN INDIAN MARKET,ITS, Ghaziabad, 2008.

    • AICTE Sponsored International Seminar on “Global Economic Meltdown Response, Resilience and Revival Strategies” VNS Institute Of Management, Bhopal.2010
    • Need For Restructuring of Management Education , International Conference on Emerging India : The Role of Management & IT Education, Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies, Farah, Mathura, 2008.
    Prof. (Dr.) Upasana Sharma

    Dr. Upasana Sharma, IPER Bhopal
    Academic Experience: 18 years

    Ph.D, MBA (Marketing),
    M.Com (A/c), PGDCA, PGDHE & Honors Diploma in Systems Management(NIIT)

    Expertise: Business Laws, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship & Consumer Behavior

    Prof. (Dr.) Upasana Sharma is the Head Of Department - IPER Undergraduate courses. She is holds a Ph.D in commerce and brings in 17 years of rich teaching experience both at undergraduate level as well as at the post graduate level.
    Prof. (Dr.) Pooja Rawtani

    Dr. Pooja Rawtani, IPER Bhopal
    Associate Professor
    Academic Experience: 17 years

    Expertise: Human Resource, Marketing Management

    Dr. Pooja Rawtani is an Associate Professor and teaches the core marketing subjects in the MBA and human resource subjects in the specialisation semesters.
    Prof. Anil Purushothaman

    Prof. Anil Purushothaman, IPER Bhopal
    Associate Professor
    Industry + Academic Experience: 17 years

    M.Sc. (Statistics)

    Expertise: IT Business Analysis, ERP and CRM Applications

    Anil Purushothaman is an Associate Professor of Information Technology in Technical Campus. Anil joined IPER as a Business Analyst in IPER Business Solutions Pvt. Limited, the Software development unit of IPER, in January 2005. His focus has been on software requirement gathering for the development of small to medium scale enterprises, ranging from food & beverages industry to travel business in UK. His work has majorly been development of Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and Functional Requirement Documents and use cases.

    Areas of Interest

    Other than IT Business Analysis as core area, Anil is an enthusiast open-source implementer, has worked on the implementation of Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) in the IPER Technical Campus, and has also actively worked on mapped the business objectives of the Institutions with VTiger, an Open Source CRM Application Suite. His other areas of interests include Enterprise Resource Planning, Project Management, Decision Support Systems and Office Automation.


    • MCA from IGNOU, Bhopal (MP) in 2004.
    • M.Sc. Statistics from Motilal Vigyan Adarsh Mahavidyalaya (MVAM), Bhopal (MP) in 2001

    IT Projects Undertaken

    • ERP for the Ice-cream Manufacturing Business
    • Client: Top'n Town Ice-cream, a popular brand in Central India owned by Ramani Icecreams The application developed was a web-based .NET application with SQL Server as backend server, and run on Internet Browser application by the client. Key Modules included Purchase, Stores, Production, Product Warehousing, Sales Orders, Dispatch & Billing, Transport Logistics, & Quality Control. This project involved several inter-related modules and required an implementation plan that could bring about a smooth transition from manual system to a computerized system with least impact on the fabric of the Organisation. His role in the project was pivotal, it included scheduling and conducting client meetings, understanding and recording the details of the business processes, preparing Requirement understanding documents, identifying and categorizing problem areas and scheduling their development priorities on the basis of several factors, such as nature of inter-dependencies with other processes developed, complexity, importance, client's immediate requirements, etc. Acting as the key communication bridge between the client and the software development team, he planned and conducted frequent training sessions to both the teams, in addition to developing the function specifications.
    • TravelSuite Travel Software Application for Travel Business in UK
    • Client: TSL, Hendon (London), United Kingdom The business domain was Travel Business in UK, and the client was a Software Consulting Company for Tour Operators and travel agencies in UK. The key modules of this fully online web application included booking reservations, distribution, CRM, Marketing, SRM, Integration with Internet Booking Engine Galileo. The application was developed in ASP.Net with SQL Server as backend. Anil's key role in this project was to regularly collect change/update requirements from client through live verbal/text chats and emails, mapping the change requirements with the current application architecture and design the new specifications for approval.
    • Music Portal for Amateur Music Producers and Artists
    • Client: Unsigned Radio Lounge, CA, USA The objective of this project was to develop a music web portal for the client where any music artists register and submit their music compositions get them played on flash player in the portal that simulated the functions of an internet radio. This web portal had two components - the public web portal and the administration module. The application was developed in Php with MySQL as backend. Anil's role in this project was to analyze and document requirements that basically came in as an "idea" from the client and seeking a structured documentation on its basis. He worked in a tight coupled environment with the development team to meet the client requirements quickly.
    • Reports Development for Credits Collection Management Application
    • Client: Luis Miguel Goncalves, Technology Consultant, Portugal The objective in this project was to develop high quality MIS reports along with the necessary query procedures for each report, for a web portal developed by the client on ASP.NET (C#) with SQL Server, for Credits Collection management Company in Portugal.
    Prof. (Dr.) Malay Ghosh

    Prof. Malay Ghosh, IPER Bhopal
    Associate Professor
    Industry + Academic Experience: 14 years

    Expertise: Retail Management, Consumer Behaviour, Sales Management

    Ph.D, MBA (Marketing),
    P.G. Diploma (Marketing Management)

    A Ph.D. in Economics from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (D.A.V.V.), Indore -Title-“An Empirical Analysis of Consumer Buying Behaviour for Baby care products with special reference to Bhopal”. Dr. Malay is UGC-NET qualified since 2005, and holds Masters in Business Administration (Specialization in Marketing.) degree, P.G. Diploma in Marketing Management, B.Sc. from Barkatullah University, Bhopal. He started his career with International NGO (associated with geriatrics issues)- HelpAge India as sponsored event officer responsible for fund raising and project execution in 22 districts of M.P.; switched to academics with academic profile of 14 years, and has been associated with prominent Colleges and Institution of Bhopal and Raipur.
    His interest areas includes Retail, Consumer Behavior and Sales Management

    Journal Publications

    Dr. Malay Ghosh has presented research papers in national seminars and has several publications to his credit. His areas of research interest are Consumer Behavior, Retail, and Sales Management. His cases and research papers have been published in a wide spectrum of Journals which include, PIMR Journal, DISHA Journal etc.
    • A study on the Retail formats in India at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
    • XXXIV, Annual Conference of M.P Economic association, (MPEA),National seminar on Trade &Dev. Organized by School of Economics, Indore
    • Reasoning catapulting reforms in India and revitalizing economy for a sustained and inclusive growth Policies, Procedures and strategies required for revitalizing various sectors of the Indian economy for a sustained and inclusive growth with special focus on Agriculture held at BSSS College, Bhopal

    Conferences / Seminars Attended

    • Attended the Case writing competition at Jagran Lake City University, Bhopal.
    • Attended the M.P Economic Conference at D.A.V.V , Indore
    • Attended the Quality management program held at PIMR, Bhopal
    • Attended the Training programs based on Futuristic management teaching, Case base teaching, RMW-I,II,III ,Research exploration , Innovative teaching ,WEB OPAC at IPER, Bhopal -8
    • Attended FDP Program on Quality assurance, developing self at DIMAR, Raipur.
    • No. of Workshops/Seminars/Short term courses attended at various other Institutions- 5

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