Functional Areas

MDP Functional Services Areas

”Tailor made Programs” are available under MDP at IPER in the following functional areas. Feel free to write to us for more details at
S# Functional Area
A. Sales And Marketing
1 Business Planning & Growth Strategies for high Performance
2 Emerging Marketing Challenges in Today’s Global Economy
3 Marketing & Sales Management
4 Managing the Sales Process
5 Towards customer delight
6 Achieving service excellence
B. Finance
7 Finance for Non-Finance Executives
8 Working Capital Management
9 Update on Corporate Taxation Policies & Practices
10 Financial Modeling using Excel
11 Strategic Financial Management for Value Creation
SCM and Project Management
12 Project Appraisal & Feasibility
13 Project & Contract Management
14 Lean and Six Sigma
15 Supply Chain Management
16 Strategic Purchasing and Vendor Development
17 Warehouse and inventory management
General Management
18 Managerial Effectiveness for Excellence
19 Negotiation Skills / Negotiation Strategies: A Win-Win Approach
20 Proactive Leadership
21 Work-Life Balance & Stress Management
22 Communication Strategies for Employee Engagement
23 Managerial Effectiveness
24 Effective Communication for Managers & Leaders
25 Facility and Resource Management
26 HRD Interventions for Improving Organizational Performance
27 Leadership for managers
28 Developing leadership skills
29 Leadership and personal effectiveness
30 Understanding and Improving Customer Focus
31 Business Communication
IT and Analytics
32 Data Analytics
33 E-Business : Models and Strategies
34 Managing the ERP System