Master of Business Administration

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This is a 2 year full time programme, affiliated to Barkatullah University Bhopal and approved by AICTE New Delhi.

IPER has always had the distinction of combining excellence with innovation. Our MBA Programme is specially designed by industry leading experts and is frequently updated to keep up to date with changes in our dynamic world. MBA at IPER will transform your learning experience for the best and will develop you into a cutting edge management professional ready to take on the challenges demanded in a professional environment. To support your journey from education to a full time career, we provide career opportunities, networking and personal development by holding events, seminars, one to one guidance sessions, internships and various other activities.


The goal of our MBA programme is to produce candidates that are well-educated, highly qualified and ready for professional environments from the start. We inculcate critical thinking and evaluation, impart technological competence in a very practical environment.

An IPER MBA features Teamwork and Communication as an integral component of the programme. Students are assigned group projects that promote group learning and help improve the organisational and leadership skills. Through written and oral presentations, the students develop the confidence to effectively communicate their ideas in a corporate forum. These presentations tend to be extremely helpful because they are critiqued by professionals with extensive experience in the business arena. Students will also be given the tasks like case presentations, which will inculcate the ability to showcase the skills acquired during the programme.

Other important activities include initiatives like HAM (Human Asset Maximization) and CMTP (Contemporary Management Theories and Practices) which enhance a professional and skill building attitude.

Our well established network of Industry- Academia collaborators provide exposure to industry through chats, meets, seminars and events with well known and highly successful Industry Experts. We also have a highly successful Internship programme as a compulsory course component to provide practical exposure to students while they are still at college.


Our pedagogy consists of a 3 pronged approach: Academic, Professional and Personal Development.

IPER has been adopting innovative teaching practices to ensure that the participants learn much more than the concepts taught within a contemporary classroom.

Human Asset MaximizationHuman Asset Maximization
Student Academic PlanStudent Academic Plan
Contemporary Management Theories and PracticesContemporary Management Theories and Practices

Evaluation & Grading

Distribution of marks as per university guidelines are as under:

Semester 1: 800 marks
Semester 2: 800 marks
Semester 3: 800 marks
Semester 4: 600 marks

External Evaluation: 80 marks for each paper
Internal Evaluation: 20 marks for each paper

Individual Paper Details (containing 2 Sections each):
Section A: 32 marks
4 Questions x 8 marks per question

Section B: 48 marks
3 Questions x 16 marks per question

Weightage Distribution in Percentage:
Mid-term test: 50%
Seminars: 30%
Class Performance: 20%
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