Chairman's Message

God has give us life not to be mediocre,

      But to keep striving till we achieve excellence

K J Rawtani
Chairman, Chaitanya Siksha Samiti

Over the last 18 yrs, our institution had been working relentlessly to provide quality education in central India. We felt the need to establish an Institution of excellence in Central India. We have been able to achieve our objectives; the responses from prospective students, our regular recruiters, & our beloved alumni are a testimonial of that.


Continual changes in the global business environment are compelling organizations to search for newer & creative ways of responding to technological breakthroughs, economic growth, shifts in customer tastes and dramatic changes in competition. In such a scenario, one of the creative responses is to develop new skill sets and capabilities in line with these emerging challenges and Business Schools have to address these and allied challenges by a multi-pronged approach including creating a learning environment that fosters innovative thinking.


I am pleased that you have chosen to explore the opportunities that we offer here at IPER. I am also confident that you would find your graduation here to be challenging and a rewarding experience. I look forward to welcoming you to join and contribute to our journey towards exploring new frontiers in global business management.







Group Director's Message

Everything we do, is to create a better tomorrow.

      Our vision is to equip the world with
                  passionate yet compassionate leaders.

Prof. (Dr.) Amarjeet Singh Khalsa
Group Director, IPER

"Learning in Action" that's the phrase that I think best describes the soul of IPER. A transformation academy in true sense Since 1996.

We have built our UG and PG degree programs to help you transform your life and reach your professional goal and to do it in a way that's catalyse your transformation. We're also constantly seeking to transform the definition of a great business education to include an experience that inspires, not just educates. Discussion, peer learning, teamwork and challenging relevant tasks are all part of the business world, so at IPER they play a prominent role in your business education, too.

As a student at IPER, you'll benefit from a curriculum grounded in values, ethics and dynamism. Our faculty are leaders in their professions who also excel as mentors, providing personalized attention to each and every student.

Our focus is on continuously improving outcomes for students - in both preparation and career advancement. The cutting edge in-class educational experiences at the IPER are augmented with a practitioner's lens. We're very proud of our legacy in IPER MBA and IPER PGDM programmes nurtured great business professionals who are instrumental in catalysing phenomenal growth of world's best business houses, the same driving force is now enriching IPER's Under Graduation Programmes (IPER UG).

Our exceptional faculty, curriculum, distinguished guest lecturers, visiting faculty, internship placements and field exposures provide the optimal balance between theory and practice. The unique combination of Regular studies and Alternate Career courses make IPER, the most acclaimed and therefore sought after destination for both UG and PG aspirants.

We are taking business education to new heights, and I encourage you to explore IPER's UG and PG programs in Business and Commerce. You all are welcome to be a part of a distinctive career building educational opportunity.