Reflexions Season 4

Reflexions Season 4

by IPER MBA - 24th & 25th March 2017

The Management Fest for Iperians, more than 200 students participated in this event, showcase their talent and skills via different activities such as team building work, HR games, Corparte Swag and many more..

RISE Season 3

RISE Season 3

by IPER UG - 17th & 18th February 2017

300+ participations, huge audience turnout for the annual event, wherein participants across the city showcased their talents & skills through dance, music, literary work, sports and various categories of events.

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Hariranjan Rao

Project Management : An Expert's Talk

by IPER MBA - 11th February 2017

"Projects are a part of our everyday life" - said Mr. Hari Ranjan Rao, IAS Officer, Managing Director MP state Tourism Development Corporation and Secretary to Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh.

Guest Lecture by Mohd. Tariq

Functional Fitness: Why do you need it ?

by IPER UG - 8th February 2017

Expert talk by Mr. Mohd. Tariq on the benefits it offers for every individual to improve balance, agility and muscle strength.

He said - "Starting early on your health and fitness concerns is an Investment into a better future".

Panel Discussion on Union Budget

Vimarsh: Panel Discussion on Union Budget

by IPER MBA - 4th February 2017

Discussion on Demonetization aftermath, provisions for senior citizens and the poor in this year's budget. Teams followed up their earlier discussion on "GST - Great or a Bait".

National Youth Day UG

National Youth Day

by IPER UG - 12th January 2017

"We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far." - Swami Vivekananda The Undergraduate Students celebrated the 153rd Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda as the National Youth Day.

Abhiyan - Vimarsh


Panel Discussion Event by IPER MBA - 2nd December 2016

Student teams discussed on "GST - Great or a Bait".
Teams discussed on on the changing economic scenario of India and the impact it will have on the businesses across the country and world-wide.

Marketing CLub Activity

Ingenious - Marketing Club Activity

by IPER MBA - 26th November 2016

The MBA Students Club of Marketing geniuses - Ingenious, participated and enjoyed exploring the dynamism of Marketing field through their own creatives and intellect. Events held on the ocassion were Ad-Mad Show, Logo Rewamp and MarQuiz. Congratulations to All the participants and Winner Students !

Abhiyan - Khel

Abhiyaan - Khel

by IPER MBA - 19th November 2016

Fun, frolic and excitement clearly marked at Sports Authority of India, Bhopal when IPER students participated in various sporting events with cheerful faces and medals adding colors to the "Khel" event in "Abhiyaan" !

Arts Community Event

Annant Kunst - Arts Community Event

by IPER UG - 17th September 2016

Arts Community Event gives a platform to undergraduate students and judge their creative skills via Painting, Sketching, Wall Painting and various other activities.

Guest Lecture By Nandita Malhotra

Guest Lecture By Ms. Nandita Malhotra

by IPER MBA - 17th September 2016

Will be held to know about the significnat aspects of today's competitive envrionment

Ms. Nandita Malhotra talked about the importance of Communciation, relationship networking and select the specialization very carefully. "Be Passionate and Love whatever you do".

Shiksha Abhiyan

Shiksha Abhiyan - 2 Day Camp of IPER UG

by IPER UG - 8th & 9th September 2016

The volunteers of NSS went on a mission to spread the awareness on the need of education in rural areas.

CSR Community Event

Divine Hands -

by IPER UG - 27th August 2016

With a Slogan of "Go Green" the Students of CSR Community relentlessly works towards serving the society as a responsibility. Lets Do More, Be More.

R & L Community Event

SMART CITY- Corporate Interface Community Event

by IPER UG - 6th August 2016

With an aim of providing a great platform to express the visualizations and thoughts via the models on "Smart City".

R & L Community Event

R & L Community Event

by IPER UG - 23rd July 2016

Research and Literary Community Event gives chance to undergraduate students to judge their abilities under the theme - “Exploring Knowledge” through activity of “The IPER Wall of News Makers”.

WWF - A Marketing Wrestling

WWF - A Marketing Wrestling

by IPER MBA - 23rd April 2016

Will be held for Judging the marketing ideas.

With a purpose of providing a finest platform to test the marketing and financial theories of students. Thus, WWF gives an opportunity to work in a team environment.

National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme

by IPER UG - 12th March 2016

We make a meaningful and effective impact.

Innovative programmes by our NSS units are aimed at overall development of our villages and its surroundings. Thus, NSS is an ethical helps and guides students to act for the benefit of society at large.


Being an IPERian

Quirky the making of an IPER Graduate

Life@IPER is a lot to be proud of, in itself. Surrounded by so many smart people, you are likely to find someone who does it better. A place that urges you to keep outperforming yourself.


IPER-UG Community 2014

Annant Kunst, Black Panthers, Grave Mongers, Divine Hands & Zeal

Arts Community - IPER Bhopal

Arts Community

To help & nurture an informed, visually literate, and culturally sensitive generation of young people.

Sports Community - IPER Bhopal

Sports Community

To engage students in sport and other structured physical activities and to understand the importance of staying mentally & physically fit.

Corporate Social Responsibility Community - IPER Bhopal

Corporate Social Responsibility Community

To embrace responsibility of social actions, to encourage a positive impact on the environment and people.

Research & Literary Community - IPER Bhopal

Research & Literary Community

To enrich and develop the research and literary skills in writing, reading & thinking amongst the students through various research and literary activities.

Corporate Interface Community - IPER Bhopal

Corporate Interface Community)

To complement academic learning by providing additional Corporate knowledge.