Abhiyaan Tark- The Sectoral Debate on Budget 2018

Abhiyaan Tark- The Sectoral Debate on Budget 2018

“Debate and divergence of views can only enrich our history and culture”- Ibrahim Babangida

Debate and discussions play a significant role in development of active learning and creative thinking skills. It sharpens one’s ability to listen and think critically and articulate thoughts persuasively. Debate boosts up the confidence of public speaking in students and guides to deals with conflicts. Debate and group discussions are an indispensable practice in the IPER MBA academic curriculum with the aim of encouraging reflective thinking and self-assessment.

The Sectoral Debate on Budget 2018 at IPER

At IPER Auditorium, a debate competition under the MBA ‘Abhiyaan- the Tark’ event series was conducted focusing on the Union Budget 2018. The debate competition was conducted for MBA 2nd semester students in order to highlight the different aspects of the Budget 2018-19. The suggested topics for scoping the debate was suggested earlier on the MBA Students Portal and included the following:

  1. Union Budget: A Double Delight for Digital India.
  2. National Health Protection Scheme: Hit or Miss?
  3. Post LTCG tax what are Investor Options?
  4. Is this Budget Enterprising?
  5. Will Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE) make the desired impact?

At IPER, students are encouraged to present their ideas and arguments openly and discuss freely with their peers, faculty and mentors. As a general rule, every student should ensure setting up all the different facets of the subject and should be able to structure it in such a way that it clear on the coherent theory supported with evidence, facts, and figure.  Students were very enthusiastic and seemed ready with facts and figures for speaking against or in support of an argument. The evaluating criteria also included language commend, subject knowledge, presentation skills, public speaking confidence.

Topic-wise winners of the contest were:

Pooja Thakur – spoke on Union Budget – A double delight for Digital India

Lavina Kalra – spoke on National Health Protection Scheme: A Hit or Miss?

Nikhil Dharamdasani and Aakrati Bhatnagar – spoke on Post LTCG Tax What are Investor options?

Priya Thakur – spoke on Is this budget enterprising?

Harsha Manwani – spoke on revitalizing infrastructure and systems in education make the desired impact.

Kapila is holding MBA degree from IMS Indore and working as a full-time content writer at IPER. She is passionate about writing and loves to capture happenings in words.