Pariksha Pe Charcha – Live Telecast Session at IPER

Pariksha Pe Charcha – Live Telecast Session at IPER

A live telecast-viewing arrangement has been made in IPER’s Auditorium for watching the Prime Minister’s “Pariksha Pe Charcha” on 16th February 2018. Students of IPER will be able to watch the programme on the Large Screen of their Campus Auditorium. In this telecast, the Prime Minister shall be answering to the queries received from students across the country and and shall emphasize on taking exams “stress-free”.

As the actual event takes place at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi where students from across the country are expected to attend, schools and colleges in other states of India shall watch the live telecast on Doordarshan Channels, according to a popular News Agency. The session is expected to focus on exam-related issues like avoiding stress, dealing with the failure, etc. Recently, a book titled “Exam Warriors” has been published, authored by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, in which several “mantras” are mentioned for the students who are at the verge of taking exams.

The globalisation makes the competition tougher and students have to face exams periodically. Nowadays, students are also profoundly active in participating different competitive exams, in addition to the routine annual examinations. This session is scheduled at the right time as the students across the country are preparing for the final examinations and career interviews. Students at IPER have been advised, through notifications on their Student Portal, to attend the live-telecast on 16th Feb.


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