The B School Campus Life

The B School Campus Life

Every time you listen to any Entrepreneur’s success story, you would notice that they all mention how their campus life had an influence on their career, in addition to their personal life experiences. Campus life is the quality time a regular student spends in his or her College, whether pursuing a Management Course like BBA or MBA, or an Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy or aviation course. Campus life indirectly plays an unnoticed role in every student’s career as it silently carves the personality of the student as a future professional over the years he spends in the College. In a typical Business School, the B School campus life has a bigger impact on the professional and interpersonal conduct and provides practical learning towards Management subjects like Human Resource, Marketing and Finance.

Role of Campus Life in Accelerating Business Environment

In this ever-changing business environment, companies are seeking more than just a graduate or post graduate – they need out-of-the-box creative thinkers, team players and go-getters. The focus is more on practical skills along with updated knowledge of management studies. The way Management Institutions plan the Campus Life for their prospective students quite well reflects how these Institutions plan to prepare the future management professionals to face this challenge.

Academic content delivery methods followed by Campuses is one of the components a student remembers for a long time from his Campus life. It includes learning either through the presentations method, case study analysis, role play, psychometric analysis, swot analysis or online research and database. A healthy and creative learning environment is what the student carries as memories as he passes out of the College. Along with the study advancement, the campus life offers extracurricular activities to groom the students’ overall personality. It includes skill development activities, team building activities, participation in competitions, contests, and sports, cultural and literary functions.

Different campus activities are carried out with the support of the student clubs. These clubs are created in the different disciplines (Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Arts Community ) to develop planning and execution skills as a team. It creates a practical learning environment that also develops communication skills, leadership abilities, sense of teamwork, and general management skills. All these activities form a part of the Campus Life that cannot be expected in any single day plain and bland classroom environment.

The Business school campus life has a very significant impact on the approach of its students towards campus recruitment process. The Campus Recruitment exercise at B-School campuses begins from Resume shortlisting to pre-placement talk, online tests, group discussion sessions, and the personal interview. Workshops and career seminars are also part of the Campus Life, and it develops skills in a well-defined context. Career options related workshops helps students in choosing the correct career path and helps them to shape it.

The Endeavor Workshop – Campus Life at IPER

Team Endeavor conducted a workshop for IPER UG students in the month of January 2018, it was related to B-school career mapping. It provided an insight into the method of choosing the career and its challenges. The team of experts from Endeavor explained the need of choosing the career at an early stage with combining the hobby and interest. This helped students to visualize the state of competition in the the corporate job sector and the areas of self grooming to work upon.

Kapila is holding MBA degree from IMS Indore and working as a full-time content writer at IPER. She is passionate about writing and loves to capture happenings in words.