BBA and Career Development – A Quick Guide

BBA and Career Development – A Quick Guide

With technological advancement and globalization, the business industry has transformed so has Education. The evolving companies now need more than just a graduate candidate, the need today is add-on skills and exposure to real-world situations. The easy and handy availability of voluminous information today has only made the competition tougher. This article discusses BBA and Career Development opportunities after completing this Course.

The companies these days are looking for management graduates who are not only holding a degree but also possessing creative skills, technical certifications, adaptability to varied situations and continuous learning habit. There are several courses that offer the professional degree in business management. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular courses that aspirants who wish to venture into the world of business management pursue. It is a full-time undergraduate degree program that has a curriculum to inculcate knowledge of management and leadership to the students.

Why BBA?

BBA is an abbreviation of Bachelor of Business Administration, three years full-time graduate degree program. It offers specialization in various management areas like Digital Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Foreign Trade, Financial Analysis and Services, Economics, e-Business, International Business and much more. BBA and Career Development opportunities with a BBA degree can be good decision as it offers:

  • Better Job Opportunities

BBA from the recognized business school offers enormous opportunities and open new doors for the career avenues because it equips students with practical understanding of business.

  • Managerial & Decision Making Skills

In BBA, students learn the large perspective of the business world in a very initial stage that helps to acquire managerial skills easily and enhances Decision-making skills as the student grows into a professional.

  • Holistic Approach Toward Management

In course duration, students face different challenges that help comprehensive studies of concepts that build the holistic approach toward management.

  • Better Package 

The managerial job generally promises better pay scales as compared to some other skills and therefore makes a reason to choose BBA as a degree course.

BBA and Career development Opportunities

BBA offers several opportunities to aspirants to take a smart career move. In addition, companies hunt for professionals who have good communication skills, system knowledge, presentation skills, team building and decision making skills. To acquire these skill sets, student pursuing BBA should also enroll themselves in other activities also like skill development classes, language learning, computer courses, presentation as well as in curricular activities. Today, colleges have realized this add-on requirements and provide several workshops and classes for the student’s grooming and development. After completing the 3 years BBA course, students can make their career choice in Finance, Sales and Marketing, Consulting Services, Business Administration, Information System, Research and Development, Marketing, Production, Human Resources and Project Planning. It offers vast opportunity in almost every organized sector.

Eligibility & Admission:

In India, admission to full-time Under Graduate Degree courses like BBA are regulated by Govt Regulatory bodies. In Madhya Pradesh, admission to full-time BBA graduation course is handled by the Higher Education Department, through an online process. A student should have passed 12th standard (or equivalent) examination from a recognized Board. The minimum eligibility percentage may vary among Colleges and Universities. For admission, students have to register online at MP Higher Education’s Portal, select the college and course. Allocation of College is done by the Education Department on merit basis. Once the allocation process is completed, the student is required to make necessary payments and print application form. The application form along with Original documents of the candidate is then required to be verified at any of the listed Govt. Colleges. You can click here to enroll in the 3-year Full-time BBA Undergraduate Course at IPER.

Kapila is holding MBA degree from IMS Indore and working as a full-time content writer at IPER. She is passionate about writing and loves to capture happenings in words.