MBA Course Awareness Session by Career Launcher

MBA Course Awareness Session by Career Launcher

College life is an interesting phase of life that brings fun, enjoyment and happiness along with studies into mainstream. The only questions that makes them worry is ‘What to do Next’ or ‘What career  to pursue’? College days are are the time when students have to identify their career path and start shaping their future. While many students have a clear mindset about career ever since their school finishing days, there are those who are not sure what they want to do in their professional front. Career Awareness sessions like the one recently held in IPER UG Bhopal campus by The Career Launcher Team helps students in selecting the right career path, or at the least, help mitigate their confusions. The Session also provided an awareness of MBA Course after graduation.

There are several reasons behind an under graduate student not able to decide his career path, such as lack of awareness, limited exposure to information and lack of proper guidance are common. The situation turns grave as the student graduates, and the frustration bubble bursts when he completes even the post graduation course and stays clueless. Receiving proper career guidance in niche of time at the under graduate level by trained and experienced experts is the key to avoiding such situation.

IPER-UG Session with Career Launcher

Undergrads need a clear understanding of career options and opportunities. To help the students with career options guidance, IPER UG Bhopal’s R&L (Research and Literary) students community organized a “Session with Career Launcher” for First Year Students of the College. Mr. Pranjal Gaur (IIM, Udaipur Alumni), Director of Career launcher Bhopal conducted the session. Career Launcher is based in Bhopal and provides a career guidance to students and the right way to choose their desired career path.

The session began with Shubhi Shivraman and Vinish John, Students B Com (Hons) III Semester, briefing about the R&L Student community of IPER UG, and about the event. Mr. Pranjal Gaur then highlighted the importance of career plan after 12th and after graduation. He discussed various career options and shared vital tips to crack the entrance exams of various B Schools. He told how students prepare for MBA Course after completing graduation,and told the students about various entrance exams like CAT, CMAT, etc. The discussion helped students to get a better picture of “what to do after graduation?” Mr. Gaur put forth various career-related situations to the audience and asked them to analyze it. He also shared his personal experience to motivate students and informed them about the various specialization and other career opportunities.

Mr. Gaur told student that after completing their graduation they can go for opting for campus placements, pursue post-graduation, prepare for competitive exams, or can join their home business. Also, there is a growing trend of working along with continuing studies as an option today. Mr. Pranjal Gaur was warmly acknowledged and appreciated by the students.

Kapila is holding MBA degree from IMS Indore and working as a full-time content writer at IPER. She is passionate about writing and loves to capture happenings in words.