RefleXions 2017 : Digital Media

RefleXions 2017 : Digital Media

With our college fest RefleXions- The Management Fest, Season 5 officially kicked off the influx of posts on social media by the students continues, the trailer of the event, the teaser with a fire made logo of Reflexions, the banners , the after-movie of the event in which almost everyone wants to be a part of. Students cannot just wait for the “extravanza” and all of this excitement and enthusiasm. While lot of preparatory work is still going behind the scenes, one area that has taken a centre stage in past  few years seems to be the Digital Branding.

Almost everything that we see on our phones, on our computers or on social media is a part of Digital Branding and especially in today’s time when internet is at its peak, digital media like domains are all set to be the part of our personal lives and also influence almost all of us.

Team  Digital Media, RefleXions Season 5

Digital Media Team initiates the preparation much before the dates are announced. And is one of the last teams to go on hibernation post the event. Digital Media Team survives on being innovative. Planning, executing exciting ideas like (this year) mannequin, pause-shot games etc. These needs to be turned into beautiful digital master pieces and stacked up for various promotion events across different social media platform.  This not only extends the reach of the event to different cities , but also peps up the other teams to keep working harder towards their goals.

Every year a Digital Media Branding Team is constituted on the onset of the Fest preparations. This year team members are from MBA’s 21st Batch, the students of First Semester, namely – Pooja Thakur, Soumya Dubey, Pragati Singh Parihar, Arpit Tiwari, Rahul Awasthi, Neeraj Vaswani, Abdul Waqar, Priya Thakur, Satyam Nema, AzharKhan and Shubham Saxena.

This year, so far we have seen digital banners of the fests, cover- pages of top events,  sponsors, video teaser of the event and a responsive website exclusively for the event go live.

All these have build the excitement and curiosity for the event. Some key digital media handled by the team  at present are :

  • Upkeep of Micro-Website for RefleXions
  • Blogs
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Watsapp, Twitter etc.)

Digital Media – Work Approach

There is always good roadmap for the digital team to adapt – from the previous year’s experiences. However, the challenge is to build upon the previous year and improve, iterate and bring in more inspiring ideas to the table. Besides, the two other challenges remain ,

  • Content creation

Social media is video fanatic – usually team takes a short video on their smartphone once a week, to   help document the pre-planning stage as well as it serves as a fodder for the platforms.Videos are short, less than one-minute. Footages from the previous year events also helps to generate some fodder for the current event. Multiple short videos with organisers, acts, festival-goers, atmospheric are some contents generally developed for social media.

Editing and maintaining frequent flow of contents to keep the audiences captured remain a difficult proposition.

  • Build an online community of champions to promote the fest

Latest update of RefleXions needs to be pushed to the social media platform. Digital Team along with volunteer freshmen across different sections communicate via a broadcast group and share , comment like the posts – to spread it as much as possible.


In conclusion,

Internet is literally the place where most people reside and therfore it becomes the need of the hour to exploit the medium to reach out. From a student’s perspective, though a drop in the ocean but still gives formidable insight into Digital Marketing.

Not all ,but hope it gives a fair idea to the freshmen next year on Digital Media Team. As the clock ticks on,  the fest preparations get intense, will try to bring more insights from other teams too. Stay tuned – at


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