5 years of RefleXions – The Management Fest

5 years of RefleXions – The Management Fest

Learning in Action refers to a teaching methodology wherein the scope of learning is not limited to textbooks but goes far beyond that. It deals with applying the knowledge that you’ve gained from classroom teaching to the real life world for real-time decision making and problem-solving. Learning in Action applies to RefleXions – The Management Fest. One of the best way to gain life skills is through participation in college fests for sure.

MBA- Master of Business Administration sounds so fancy, right? Going to college in corporate attire, making presentations and presenting them and studying the course material intently; but is that really it?

There’s so much more that you can learn during the two years of your MBA life. Especially in IPER, every other week we have a literary or a cultural event (solely organized by students, with the guidance of our experienced faculty members) in addition to the presentations, case studies, assignments and what not while maintaining 80% attendance. Sounds hectic right? If one participates in all of these activities then there are so many things that one can learn- from the soft skills required in the professional world to the life lessons that enrich our experience and learnings.

REFLEXIONS is an inter-college fest is organized every year by the students for the students from the management fraternity. Students of IPER play the host – and ensure every nuts and bolts of the event. RefleXions is already in its fifth season. In Reflexions-2017 too, there would be lots of fun. Participants can expect it to be interactive, informative and are bound to get new experiences.

Team REFLEXIONS  is a diversified student body that organises the event. At core, there are seperate teams to look after Invitation, Events (HR, Marketing, Finance), Handling print and media,Handling logistics, Awards and certificates,Digital Branding,Discipline and hospitality, and Stage management.

Each team plans out a hassle-free, smooth and systematic execution of Reflexions. Ofcourse, this happens along with the classes. This teaches the students the art of time-management and multi-tasking.

REFLEXION contributes to the holistic development of the students- the future managers, for sure. Students develop a sense of responsibility and accountability to the authority that is given to them. They learn group dynamics, how to work in a team, how to handle the role of a leader, effective communication skills, conflict management, working in collaboration, being committed to an objective, improved creativity and interpersonal relationships among many others.

Bottom lines is that MBA demands a lot more than just bookish knowledge. It demands life skills. It demands being work ready. And the best way, without an iotta of doubt is : LEARN BY DOING.

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