Why College Fests ?

Why College Fests ?

Colleges often get repetitive and quite boring for many. It gets monotonous like daily routine college-classes- assignments and again back to colleges. College Fests come as a respite – a much needed mechanism of rejuvenation for one and all.

This is why we see college fests included in college calendars ?  College Fests are fun and can be demanding too. Student organizers work hard to organize the event and try to make it successful. On the other hand, participants sweat out  with never ending practices to  ensure their win in games or activities.

One gets attracted towards fest for varied reasons. Fests spark up the things, and can provide lots of learnings too. College fests do have a very positive impact on a student’s life. IPER too organizes their annual fest for the management aspirants called  “Reflexions – The Management Fest”. This would be its fifth season and would be tentatively held in december.

Find where your heart is –

Management or College fests usually provide a finest platform to showcase the distinct kinds of skills, ability and so on. The range starts from arts, sports, cultural and educational. In spite of individual’s thoughts, winning a fest is a kind of remarkable thing which gets everyone to move towards refreshment.

Meeting the right people –

Teachers always advise to increase upon our social group. It doesn’t mean that add friends in your life or partying out or roaming around in search of friends 🙂

Instead, it meant attending & participating in college fests so as enhance our skills, knowledge and boost the confidence level. The genuine network formed among like minded and similar domain individuals can assist a lot while going through our career development phase.

Because you need a break from the books –

College Fests serve as the much needed break to drain out frustration, study loads and mental fatigues. Fests boost the physical and mental energy and are sure to work wonders when students return back to their study schedule. With exams nearing,fresh reloaded minds can do better.   Another reason that weighs in favor of  fests is that its cherished and survived until the next season of college fests.

Therefore, attend college fests especially if thats in your city. Its surely going to be a well-deserved break.

Fun is where the friends are –

Apart from all the facts of attending the events as per your interest which includes dramas, concerts, debates and various other activities, the best  part is that you are with your friends.

What would be the better than enjoying an event along with the bunch of your closest friends?

So take pride and do taste this crazy and madness experience of life in college fests.

Sonam Khadayate Contributor
Sonam has done her B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering. She happens to be a passionate content writer with 4+ years of functional experience and has varied interests in technology, travel, tourism and management related areas.