Students Community Dance Workshop Held At IPER- UG

Students Community Dance Workshop Held At IPER- UG

The UG students’ community “Annant Kunst” of IPER organized two days dance workshop for all IPER-UG students. The dance workshop was conducted by BlinderGuns Dance Academy, Bhopal that included non-classical dance forms started with Hip Hop and freeform.

The dance workshop started with a performance from the BlinderGuns Academy who showcased their dance skills in specific dance forms such as flip, stunt, locking,  and breaking. The crew performance had created the atmosphere of high level of energy and dance spirit that motivated students to move on the dance floor to learn basics and new steps of the non-classical dance form.

At the beginning, IPER-UG students Mr. Ayansh Jain( BBA -3rs year), Mr. Hitesh Sharma (BBA-3rrd A) and Ms. Prachi Shukla (BBA ) gave warm welcome to Mr. Ashish Sharma (choreographer, trainer, and founder of BlinderGuns Dance Academy) and other team members. The dance workshop began with sharing the theory, basics and concepts of the non-classical dance form including locking, popping, Reiki, Be-Booing, Waves, breaking- top rocks and bottom rocks etc. It evacuated all myths and misconception about dance forms and galvanized students to learn new movements and new dance steps.

Ms. Apporva Shukla (BBA-III B) and Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi (BBA-III A), students of IPER-UG hosted the event with full enthusiasm and dance spirit. BlinderGuns team first warmed up students with few aerobic exercise and then started with new dance steps. Many dance steps were practiced with showcasing the difference between major and minor steps. For further individualistic attention, members created groups of student and danced along with them then group performed onto the stage one by one. Every group had prepared complete song then rehearsed and gave a final performance on the stage.

Day-2 of Dance Workshop

The second day dance workshop was hosted by trainers only. It began with practicing the day 1 steps, then proceeded with sharing more information on the breakdance and steps of popping, locking and breaking. The second-day dance workshop highlighted steps of Garba dance.

Prof. Aditi Singh and Prof. Dharini Raje (Art Community Faculty) presented memento to Mr. Ashish Sharma and his team as a token of acknowledgment and appreciation for their contribution to IPER UG students.


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