RISE Season 3 – Patriotism

RISE Season 3 – Patriotism

We love our country. We respect  our country. We all desire to see our nation succeed. These are deep, abiding love for our country and are all patriotic expressions. But being patriotic doesn’t mean you think your country’s perfect — its just that we love it. We haven’t forgotten our patriotism and pride for our country, and we encourage you not to either. Sometimes we just need a reminder. That’s what  RISE Patriotism Challenge is all about.

‘Patriotism Challenge’ opens a platform for those who want to express their views via essays, political cartoons, poetry, drama or videos. All that matters is how you express it – we just would love to hear from you. RISE 2017 is open to all the under graduate  students from all colleges. Get ready to take part in one of  the most awaited event of Bhopal.  Refresh your mind and improve skills.

Mission Patriotism

Our mission is to  make everyone feel proud of our country.  Patriotism involves responsibility. Our freedom has come with a price. Its our responsible to continue to share the lessons of their sacrifice. It’s what also compels us to get involved.
Take the time to reflect, introspect  and devise expressions to enact @ Patriotism Challenge.

RISE Seasons so far,

Last year, we had 300+ students participated in the RISE.  This year, we are coming up with 30 games and we hope that more students will join us.  On our official website of IPER UG RISE – http://www.iper.ac.in/rise, the complete information of our contests is there. We are bringing back all the mind refreshing competitions along with some new additions on this New Year.

Want to Connect,

then please visit RISE 2017 on FB.  The annual fest is available as Facebook Event Page for all those who wish to connect to as our audience and empower them to spend quality time with us – as we will keep posting events pics, videos and event related updates as an when we get our hands on it.

For participants, incase you need more details or participate visit our rise microsite – http://www.iper.ac.in/rise


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