RISE 2017 – Fun & Sports

RISE 2017 – Fun & Sports

Winter’s already here and so will be RISE  in a matter of few weeks !!!  RISE has become synonym with FUN, and it includes lots of sports and physical activity.  Its about staying physically active. After all staying active is key to overall health and wellness.

RISE 2017 – Season 3 :

“Every college student is encouraged, supported and given opportunity to participate in RISE. Event activities will be an integrated part of the college experience, contributing to learning, progression and the development of sporting attitude for life.”

Participating in RISE 2017 means you are in for a complete fun cycle. Its a test of a participants all round skills and abilities.  Probably, this is the reason that every year, RISE has packed houses.

A well known fact remains that sports develop our skills and abilities to the maximum. Sports are equally important in any good education. It instills discipline, obedience and cooperation. It teaches to abide by its rules and regulations.  RISE-2017 introduces Sports & Physical Fitness Activity as one of its vital component.

RISE2017  – Basket of Innovative Activities

With an aim to increase participation manifold, RISE Season 3 brings in lot more events related to sports and physical activity. And therefore, one of the categories of this annual event is Sports & Physical Fitness. It includes 4 different sports viz. Indoor Cricket, Kho-Kho, Carrom, Table Tennis and an interesting 4 legged race. Does that sound weird ?

It may, but the four legged race is going to be really interesting and funny.  Imagine if you had to run in a line of 4 individuals, instead of just two or three. In this event, 4 individuals line up in a single row with their legs tied together at the ankles.  For records sake, the fastest 31-legged race (50m) remains 8.41 seconds by the students from Shao Lin Tagou Martial Arts School in Dengfeng City, Henan province, China, on 12 May 2009.  Of course, this happens to be Guinness World Records.

Are you ready to take a different experience by playing this game?  For more on the rules & regulations, please visit http://www.iper.ac.in/rise

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