Digital Branding – RISE 2017

Digital Branding – RISE 2017

With the poster already unveiled, RISE 2017 has kicked off. Event planning process is being fine tuned and streamlined. Different committees have already started their spade work -for ensuring a successful , though complex event. RISE 2017 is to host events in 8 different categories – and a total of about 29 games approximately. This means there would be lots of moving parts and plenty of details to coordinate. Last two months saw lots of deliberations and brainstorming happening to create a top-notch committee with the right people in the right positions.

Event Committees,

that have been activated includes logistics , event planner, corporate relations and sponsorship,volunteer Coordinators, digital, print media, procurement etc. This article sketches the ongoing activities that are being carried out by the Digital Team – RISE 2017.

Digital Team Meeting, RISE 2017 - The IPERUG Annual Fest
Digital Team, RISE 2017

Digital Branding – In General,

provide more value than tangible assets as well as is a more sustainable option for events to provide integrated opportunities for sponsors. Paying for logos to be printed on a banner is no longer sufficient nor lucrative for a sponsor to invest in an event. Digital branding , aprat from being sustainable allows to be lot more creative.

RISE being an annual event – understandably will activated every year. By keeping our sponsor visible for a period of more than a year – and with backlinks provided to the sponsors site -increased are the chances to impressions and (more importantly) brand engagement gives brands much more in return for their investment. Traditional events will not provide a brand engagement for so long a period of time.


Digital Team – RISE,

is involved in maintaining the facebook page of RISE –, and will continue to do so even after post event – till the mantle is passed on the the next batch. The FB RISE page has become our official showcase in these years. Year after year we keep adding up – making it more worth visiting. During the event, the team keeps posting every hour  or as and when event progresses – with live pictures and videos. Post event – picture gallery of all events is made available through our official flickr account. Instagram, is another area thats  being tapped – and we can be followed @instagram on iperbhopal.

Pre-event activities usually involves – capturing the preparation activities through lenses and blogs. This also includes – creating fun videos, videos inviting participants, teasers of the upcoming events etc. Post creation of videos – the team edits and finalises the video for making it viral through, first RISE 2017 FB page , then thorough the official youtube and not to forget watsapp.

Yes, you heard it right. WatsApp is a brand new and creative way to reach millions of active users. And most importantly, our new generation is wotsapp savvy. The digital team does an official release to the volunteer group, usually once or twice a week – and it gets viral.

Skilled Resource = Digital Team

Digital team – time and again keeps re-inventing the mechanisms to reach out – and most importantly carried out by our students. In future, these guys would be surely among the best users of digital media to promote business. One has to be creative – keep thinking out of the box, do things differently.

Another, but very vital skilled resource of  any digital team are  the bloggers. These guys understand the best use of hashtags – the way to write creatively using hashtags. From a sponsors point of view, hashtags are of the most value because it already exists. Digital bloggers work out strategies around hashtags.

Technology has changed the way we went about organizing our events and theres more to come in the days to come.

RISE 2017 – Digital Team Coordinators (in alphabetical order),

1 Akansha Chouksey
2 Apoorva Shukla
3 Ayansh Jain
4 Bobby Singh Rajpoot
5 Fatima Ali
6 Gaurav Manshani
7 Girish Kamdar
8 Harsha Verma
9 Jitesh Devnani
10 Mahak Shrivastava
11 Palak Shrivasta
12 Rahul Gupta
13 Rajveer Kaur Wazir
14 Shrishti Kashyap
15 Shubhanshu Chourasay
16 Vaibhav Daryani

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