Career Change & Some Perils

Career Change & Some Perils

Looking back at the career and reflecting upon is a normal phase that everyone goes through. There can be numerous reasons that make an individual plunge into a career change.

Usually individuals stay at the same job and organization for their whole working lives. According to the statistics of 2012, the average age of employee was staying at each for at least 4-5 years and younger ones stay a limited period of time or we can say that for shorter time.  On the other hand, some people switch their companies and job profiles, even career changing is also very popular in these days. Most of the people get bored of their job filed and adopt to try something new, whereas others just required more money for several reasons.

Career change requires one to be careful and alert.  Listed below are some general mistakes that should be avoided –

Mistake 1: Confusing Job Change with Career Change

Before switching the job, first ask yourself that you really hate your current job or career which is necessary to understand and move on further. Change the career or job as per the requirements or expectations. If you are not sure, then no need to switch, think about it whether there is another job in your sector which will able to give you happiness and you would enjoy it.

Mistake 2: Idealizing the Scheduled Career

Do you remember your first dream? Can you recall the wonderfulness your thought was? Is everything perfect? Visualizing of a career change is slightly similar – usually whenever we want anything, it looks perfect at first glance. Especially, when you compared with your current profile and circumstances, therefore, discuss to those people who work in that field in which you want to switch. This is the finest way to understand the real things of their daily life.

Mistake 3: Not Planning Financially

Let’s be practical. Switching a career usually means salary cut. You do not have the experience and qualifications to command a salary which is high. As well as, it will take some years to get the position of salary as per your current level.

It means before considering career change, you have to plan financially. Search the different ways to reduce the expenses, save extra money in advance for upcoming days. Pre-scheduling in this way will make your next move less stressful.

Mistake 4: Making a Career Change for Someone Else

It’s very threatening to make a career change and unbearable if your heart doesn’t want it. Hence, this kind of decision must be yours not someone else. Never opt change because someone thinks you should whether for parents or anyone else. The reason behind that, you have to live with your new career so choose as per your interest. Select something that perfectly matches your skills, your persona and experience as well.


Sonam Khadayate Contributor
Sonam has done her B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering. She happens to be a passionate content writer with 4+ years of functional experience and has varied interests in technology, travel, tourism and management related areas.