Good Practice: Following Up After Interview

Good Practice: Following Up After Interview

If job seekers are actively send resumes and interviews for various profiles, but still have no job offers due to some specific reasons. One of them is, they are not following up with the recruiters or hiring professionals afterwards. The applicants have to send a follow up email or a thank you note to the recruiter for their time. As well as, they can retell their interest in the job profile. Usually, when candidates do not hear back from the hiring managers, they assume that they are being considered for the positions to any further extent.

There are several people observe follow up emails which came across as a desperate applicant. Hence, they have to remember that how busy the hiring mangers are. The reason behind that, specialists receive thousands of resume and applications for distinct job opening at the same time. It clearly signifies that their schedule is really hectic and busy and that’s the main reason why they are not able to give feedback to the job applicants.

A quick follow up email may trigger the hiring specialists to facilitate individuals with the personalized feedback or give you the job status update information. If applicants want to create a healthy and professional relationship with the recruiter so they have to put their efforts by giving responses. The finest way to keep in touch with them is follow ups. I know there are various people are not aware from the term “FOLLOW UP”. Don’t take stress, I am explaining you about it and benefits as well.

What do you mean by Follow Up?

It acts as a reminder, a thank you note or we can say a final summary which tells the reason why you are for the position. Think like this – as you know a recruiter gets several numbers of resumes and all the applicants are trying their best to stand out. Hence, you are competing with lots of applicants and it is necessary to get a look of potential employer by “keeping in touch”.

Why you should?

Mostly applicants think that why should they stay in touch with the recruiter, both with the resume and after an interview? Read some reasons –

  • They like it – A recent statistics suggests that approx. 70-80% hiring managers seriously appreciate the follow ups. This thing signifies that you respect their time and effort and there is no one who doesn’t like.
  • The Extra Mile – the Following up process shows that applicants go the extra mile. It is the last step and few individuals consider it as an unnecessary element. Staying in touch after an interview represents the people’s extra effort and creates a difference between 99 and 100% outcomes.
  • People need Reminders – As a recruiter, I had see a resume application which looks good, but I would forget about it as new applications came rolling in. Nevertheless, I was much more likely to see resume and even remember it, if had got an email of follow up.



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