College Freshmen : Why being Creativity is plus?

College Freshmen : Why being Creativity is plus?

Let’s talk about the most significant factor for college freshmen, which help to achieve the success in their life – “Creativity”. There are numerous numbers of people ask- why being creativity is a plus point for college fresher?

Creative thinking earns a higher priority in the field of education, as per the recent survey done by college-educated professionals. This study sheds a new light on the role of creativity in career success and the growing belief that creativity is not just a personality attribute, but a knowledgeable skill.

Creativity is Key to career Success

When we see the statistics or ask from professionals over this topic, the almost nine out of 10 experts tremendously agree that creativeness is necessary for the growth of economy. As well as, it is valuable to the society. Approx. 75% think that it is beneficial for their career and 35% individuals are not feeling comfortable with creativeness and pursue in their career. As, there are several people think that they have more creative ability.

If you want to know the actual definition of creativity so ask someone who pretend that he/s he is creative. Some people say they can associate creative thinking along with “thinking out of the box” or “the capability to come up with new and innovative ideas/ thoughts”.

Why it is important?

Students/ college freshmen require being able to think and work creatively in both digital as well as non digital environments. Being creative is the only way out to develop exceptional and valuable solutions. Guess, there is a far better realisation among the students these days on the importance of being creative. As a result, more and more students are going for neural development along with the use of technology. Digital students referred to as “prosumers”, which means natural producers + consumers of information. Further, this means that problem solving comes naturally to them. As the business dynamics keep changing, creativity needs to be enhanced via the learning process for ensuring one’s survival.


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