How College is different from High School?

How College is different from High School?

College life is the finest moments in life. A unique set of experiences in everybody’s life and a turning point for many – as it defines the life ahead.  College life is  about balancing responsibilities, while facing moral and ethical decisions.

As the years pass by, life gets more hectic. Many a times when you reflect back and would like to find yourself in college again.

High School vs. College: Being a First-Year Student/Orientation

Being a student of the first year is full of fun! This is different from the high school, where your life is filled with a lot of anxiety and some classroom accidents. Colleges provide orientation programs for their first-year students to build the bond among all the classmates. Most of the universities/ colleges conduct early orientation sessions like a camping trip or get together at any nearby place. It fosters the relationships before the college year begins.

High School vs. College: The Learning Environment

Try to say Professor or Dr. to your teachers instead of ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ Now, you start expected to have an opinion! You can’t be a passive learner for a longer time who just sit at the desk and listens to a faculty. At some occasions, write papers or takes the test in which you are simply put your thoughts as per your received during classrooms. Here, you will not get notes, instead of it, you have to figure out owns way and select which is important. In college, your faculties are expecting to voice your thoughts. Participation in class and offer your own perceptions is the finest key to achieving success in this learning environment.

High School vs. College: Your Social Life

Balancing social and academic life is really difficult. In high school, mostly parents help to balance both the lives beautifully. But, now, you are not relying on your parents for a longer time in college to structure the rules and academic circumstances. All these things are now in your hand. Being a college student, the social life is really overwhelming. The environment is new for all individuals and few of them are ignore their academic life and completely involve in social life activities like clubbing, parties, etc.

While it is really good to explore new surroundings, but don’t avoid studies. In fact, you can cut the time from studies and then enjoy the social life.

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