Choosing an MBA Specialization

Choosing an MBA Specialization

Career opportunities in management are plenty for the deserving. More and more individuals therefore seek a credible degree programme in management after their graduation. Along with the right management program, it is also significant to choose the appropriate specialization -as it helps to ensure your domain interest. Masters of Business Administration – MBA, the most sought management course offers a plethora of specialization for the student to choose from. But, remember, always ensure your domain interest and aptitude before freezing on the specialization.

Elevate your career with a Master of Business Administration in Management

It doesn’t matter, if you are highly experienced, or have been running a business for years, or recently graduated – there is something or the other for everyone to learn. MBA offers core components related to business issues and fundamentals. It helps to boost the confidence and propels career in right direction. Integrating the business knowledge, capabilities and skills easily gives a lot of options to an MBA aspirant to choose from.

Apart from core business fundamentals, aspirants also have the option to specialize in any one of the areas of business administration. Additionally, they can pursue a common approach by spreading an elective course of study over various functional sectors.

Confused: Which specialization to choose from ?

Selecting an appropriate specialization can be a difficult procedure for students. Hence, it is significant for aspirant to consider their career goals and professional development. In India, usually individuals prefer masters of business administration course rather than any other due to its amazing advantages:

  • Specialization courses at affordable fees
  • Financial aid to the students is an added boon
  • Education system has a global reputation

These advantages render India as one of the top 10 places to pursue MBA specialization. Additionally, the aspirants and working individuals prefer specializations in MBA because of several reasons.

Here are some specializations of MBA that will strike the chord of an aspirant’s mind:

  1. Finance – This specialty gives you an opportunity to manage some of the highly responsible departments and its functions – asset management, derivatives structuring, corporate finance, corporate banking, treasury, credit risk management, private equity, etc.
  2. Marketing – This department is a backbone of any organization and able to bring the business for them. Some positions are as follows – marketing manager, head of digital marketing, product manager, media planner, sales manager, brand manager, corporate sales manager, market research analyst, and so on.
  3. Human Resource (HR) – If an aspirant possesses good communication skills, have a alluring personality, reliable and confident, then MBA in HR is an appropriate choice for them. As an MBA in HR, you will get good beginning from the profile of a team leader and then enhance your career path slowly. Career graph should move on like – team Player -> team leader ->assistant HR manager -> regional HR manager ->senior HR manager ->director HR ->chief HR officer.

These are the most common and opted specializations that generally individuals chose. The rest are- International Business (IB), Operation Management, Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain Management and Rural Management.

Sonam Khadayate Contributor
Sonam has done her B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering. She happens to be a passionate content writer with 4+ years of functional experience and has varied interests in technology, travel, tourism and management related areas.