An initiate towards National Election Role Purification (NERP)

An initiate towards National Election Role Purification (NERP)

Voting helps to shape our community. For a safe and better tomorrow, casting our vote is a must to-do. “Voting is our right” or even better would be to say “Voting is not only our right, its our Duty”. Its not enough to be concerned about our Country’s future, efforts to shape the future of India is a must. We all must learn to use this tool wisely. The National Electoral Role Purification (NERP) is an initiative towards this direction.

Every individual must cast their vote and inspire others to do because this is such a strong tool to solve all the political issues. It can bring a revolution in the country without a single drop of blood shed. One must consider various aspects of the competing parties in Election. Always ensure that one should not be influenced by factors such as religion and caste. Instead, focus on the goal or party’s agenda on Poverty, Unemployment, illiteracy, women security and similar other significant issues.

Youth plays a very vital role as a voter in the elections. Since a large number of voters are from young generation, they have power to change the world for upcoming benefits and useful resources. Remember, we are not casting our votes for someone else. In fact, our vote will help to construct a better future and life for ourselves.

According to the rules of the Election Commission of India, every individual must register his/ her name in the Electoral Rolls or Voter’s List. However, If anyone is not having name in this list, then they cannot cast their vote. Therefore, Voters must have Voter Card that shows their identity.

How can you add yourself to Voter List?

Recently, Barkatullah University declared a intensive campaign National Electoral Role Purification (NERP)  plan for all the Colleges on 1St June 2016.  Individuals who do not have a Voter card or who seek modification in their voter card can come in the Camps organized by the University in coordination with IPER College. The Student Ambassador from IPER is Ashwin Yadav from BM Vth Semester. The schedule of voter card camp starts from 1st Aug – 17th Aug 2016. Visit the National Voter Service Portal for a adding / updating your voter id details.


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