Preparing for Placement Interviews : Body Language

Preparing for Placement Interviews : Body Language

Campus recruitment offer a variety of amazing opportunities to get a good employment in a good organization or company. You don’t have to knock the doors of potential employers rather its the recruiters who come to you.  Get ready for interviews, as you have to just go one step ahead of your competitor and remember that interviews are always nerve racking.

What do you consider as the most significant – during an interview? Your words or your body language. Well, the most appropriate the answer to this question would be “Body Language”.  Professional opine that, A2+B2+C2  where A = Attitude + Attire, B = Behavior + Biodata(resume) and C = Communication + Confidence is the perfect formula/ approach of success in an interview.

Why only Body Language ?

Every job seeker usually prepares for the interview. They seek out company insights, do a competitor survey, anticipate questions and draft out responses. But, the fact is that only 20-30% of job-seekers concentrate on the body language. Job seekers need to re-orient their preparation strategy, add-in body language component to it, and leave a positive impact on the interviewer.

Arguably there are lot many components to an interview, body language stands out because almost 70% judgment is done by body language and facial expressions, 25% by the voice tone and 5% by the content communicated across.

In general, how to prepare for an interview?

Interview call, brings in a great excitement and nervousness. Start with a brushing up of your knowledge in the specific area; focus on reading about the company and its affairs, browse newspapers to learn about the aligned activities happening around the world, mug up some significant statistics and you are ready. Fewer amounts of individuals realized the significance of Non-verbal communication during the interview.

In Closing

Few things that needs conscious effort is maintaining the right posture, hand movements, eye contact and your voice delivery. An article, on dwells into basics of body language.  Try, and see if it works for you. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do” – holds true during job interview. Even if your answers are right, the panelists frequently notice your body language.

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