Session Commences

Session Commences

“What better way to start college , after a long exam break ?” , says a sophomore student. “Getting back to studies needs a rejuvenated mental frame. Wished a brain break, that would fine tune a long lay off from colleges. And it happened, exactly I wished for.”  Conditioning sessions are excellent for regaining focus back – after a break or before starting a new semester. Today, session commences or started for IPERUG students with a fun-activities. Usually students have first day jitters, quietness creeps in, as classroom progresses from one tutorial to the next, and the next tutorial and the next.

IPERUG experience is all about “Learning in Action”. Session Commencement, began with a story telling activity held from 10.00 AM to 11.40 AM.  Story telling  happens to be a handy skill whilst trying to persuade someone with a little empirical evidence. While it comes naturally to some, for others it has to be acquired.  Photo stories are powerful communication tools that can be used to bring innovative narratives. Students were divided into groups and each group were given canvases to paste their selected photos. The photos were  to be picked by the students – and pasted such that it makes a story. Once finished, group representative had to narrate the story. Photo stories are fun, and at the same time test of logical thinking and explanation abilities. Photo stories, usually has following components to it, like:

Engage your audience- Grab their attention, with your canvas and create an ambiance that makes them want to hear more.

Build the scene – Audience should be able to picture and feel the emotions as the story progresses. When telling a story, it is important to include details, to create that sense of immersion. And finally,
Make it Conclusive – A proper end to the story is a must. Stating a moral/ or inference can be one of the polished way of bringing the story to an end.

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