Skills to put on a Resume….

Skills to put on a Resume….

Resume outlines our professional development by showcasing our critical thinking and employability skills. And when it comes to jotting the ” skills to put on a resume “, probably its haunts everyone. Effective resume is critical, because recruiter’s just skim through for few seconds and decide on an applicant.

For a fresher, resume making is more haunting than everyone else, as their professional experience is limited. Between classes, assignments and extracurricular, its always hard to find time to build up the skills and expertise that HR managers want.  And as a matter of fact, freshers must focus on their natural traits i.e. their own blend of characteristics. Usually, HR’s focus on natural ability while hiring a fresher.

But skill-sets are always going to give a job-seeker a competitive edge over others.

Developing Skill Sets for the Business Environment

One needs to work out on the skills to put on their resume. Mastering new skills is the key to survival in the current business environment. Go for small, one skill at a time approach -and keep building the skill-set. These days acquiring new skills is easier. Many universities across the globe offer skill based courses through MOOCs platform. So now, one can acquire skill at his/her pace and convenience – Isn’t that great?

Say, an MBA graduate wishes to add digital marketing skills to improve his employability index. The digital marketing landscape is setting in fast. Digital Marketing skill would help to digitally create, distribute, promote and price products and services. Coursera, a MOOCs platform has partnered with University of Illinois for an online course in digital marketing with capstone project. On successful completion participant can instantly add his Verified Certificates and Statements of Accomplishment to his LinkedIn Profile. Thus LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, makes you get noticed for the skill you have acquired. Recruiters are definitely going to find it handy.

Another approach to developing skills would be to do an internship or work a summer job in a related field that has the business environment you are seeking. This would develop teamwork , interpersonal skills and keep you abreast with current developments in the sector. And who knows, performing well at internship might lead to a firm job offer.

One can also try and join online, the sites that offer business simulations as simulations can develop better business decisions making skills. Approach is not important, but it is important to pro-actively assess and address any skills deficits – such that you can showcase your initiative.

Resume as Skill Showcase

Employers look for digital footprint — one therefore, the best place to showcase your skills is social media. Resumes are fading out, and in the years to follow professional networks like linkedin might replace resumes. Since resumes are still in, so lets focus on how to put skills such that the resume becomes effective,

  1. Resume Header should grab the attention of the recruiter, when they glance using headers that highlights your experience /internship/exposure or interest. For example, “Marketing & Sales Experience” instead of just “Work Experience”. Part-time jobs, internships, service-learning, volunteer work, class projects, jobs, military experience, clubs/student organizations, memberships, leadership experiences and other activities.
  2. Scrutinize Relevant Skills and include only them all. Include skills that would make you stand-out. Linkedin is the place to chronicler all the skills you have acquired or possess.
  3. Enhance Wordings of your resume by using action verbs, by rewriting your competency using the latest domain specific terminology of your industry.
  4. Include Testimonials – from appreciation letters, evaluations, or annual appraisals that are relevant to the post you applying for or adds value to your professional persona. Personal adjectives like ‘hardworking’, ‘positive attitude’ etc. needs to be transcended.
  5. Showcase all that you bring in – list out the work you have undertaken with a specific title as it brings more credibility to a position. Suggest not use the word “Internship” as it doesn’t bring the credibility.  Further, be specific while you outline the value and benefit that these tasks provide to the organization. Don’t use vague words like assisted , responsible etc.  In addition to these, try to fuse in the unique attributes that you bring in and their benefits to the organization. Also, try to connect all your activities to desired skills.

Conclusion: Strongest step First

Resume should be lead with your strongest content. Resume should be devoid of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, rambling, and poor formats. In this competitive world, aspirants adopt latest methods and techniques to build their resumes effectively and attractive. Lots of resume builders present on the internet to provide their amazing services that is brilliant as well as efficient such as –

  • SlashCV – the interface is user-friendly and no need to do sign up for creating the resume. Services are free and includes contains elegant design options. Applicant can save and edit resume without any trouble like – drop box.
  • Resumonk – numerous number of features are free, free resume hosting, text editing tools, adorable design templates, quality and result.

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