Introverts cannot make good speakers ?

Introverts cannot make good speakers ?

“Introverts cannot make good speakers”, is a common old proverb and is more of a myth.  Public speaking makes even the most extroverted among us-  feel nervous.  Introverts get more nervous and probably, public speaking haunts them more.  But the fact is, introverts are the best speakers.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl G  Jung suggested that everyone has both an extroverted side and an introverted side. Extravert/ Extrovert one being more dominant than the other. Being introvert or extrovert, is an attitude-type characterized by orientation in life or  concentration of interest.


Understanding Extrovert-ism & Introvert-ism

Introverts cannot make good speakersPsychology today states that a neurotransmitter release makes us an introvert or an extrovert. This neurotransmitter is called Dopamine. It  regulates movement and emotional responses. And also provides the motivation to seek external rewards like earning money, climbing the social ladder, attracting a mate, or getting selected for a high-profile project at work. So when dopamine floods the brain, it makes us more talkative, more alert to our surroundings, and  feel motivated to take risks.

Similarly, another neurotransmitter acetylcholine, is opposite of dopamine. Acetylcholine makes us feel good when we turn inwards. When acetylcholine floods our brain, it stimulates our abilities to think deeply, reflect, and focus intensely on single thing for a long duration.

Survival in an Extrovert World ?

As an introvert, outside stimulation-chitchat, phone calls, parties, office meetings-can easily gets on to your nerves. Introverts appear rude, snobby or uptight to acquaintances and have verbal communication issues when nervous, or when there’s conflict. Many a times- introvertism is considered as a drawback.

Even a prospect of public speaking turns and introvert off.  Probably because, the initial hesitation of going full throttle is huge for introverts. This needs to be managed, and once managed, introverts make the best public speakers.  Audience love a well-thought out message – and is easy for introverts as it comes to them naturally.

Introvert-ism  focuses on a lot of mental “rehearsal”. Owing to their ability to prepare well, think deep and reflect, introverts identify potential snags. They work potential snags out much before the d-day.

Good public speaking traits observed in introverts

  1. Well drafted Transcript: A logical, vibrant transcript to attract the listeners or clients. And that too, drafted to suite their style of presentation. Have seen some introvert- speakers, watching good public speakers videos – and imbibing good points to suit your style of personality.
  2. Delivery Rehearsals : Focus is on style strengths – for e.g smile,voice, explanation power, story telling capability – anything or mix of lot of things. Some draft-in multiple sections in their speech with contents inline to their style-strengths.
  3. Participate with Audience: Introverts have brilliant ability to think deep and craft out well thought messages, before they speak. Introverts score better than somebody who is loud/extrovert when its about participating with the audience.
  4. Get comfortable with the environment:
    Introvert-speaker’s, usually rehearse at the location in advance. Gives them a feel -helps to relax and re-adjust their presentation to the environment. Some plant friends or identify people/ friendly faces to interact and thus enhance the confidence level to present the ideas.

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