Managing life: Yoga for Students

Managing life: Yoga for Students

Is YOGA for students too ? Well, yoga is for everyone and is about keeping good health. Yoga is a way of managing life. Students often complain about poor concentration and yoga can improve concentration. For example, meditation can be employed to reap-in health benefits, but many of us skip due to lack of time or being too lazy to devote time. This ignorance can prove costly – and one might miss the vast health reimbursements – courtesy yoga. Let’s start self-analysis and meditate.

Relaxation & Rejuvenation –

Do you ever feel like relaxing your mind and body? Then, yoga techniques are for you.  Yoga can help you relax both – mentally and physically. Practicing Yoga asanas after a hectic day will get you rejuvenate completely and will increase the energy level. A boon for sure , when you see how hectic student life is, these days.

Strengthens our Body –

As you know, “health is wealth” and it really means a lot.  You cannot make it big with a weak body and a weak mind. Being fit, both mentally and physically is the key to success.  Yoga exercises can be put to strengthen the body and mind.

Develops correct Postures –

Students spend of most of their time learning in class, doing assignment in front of their laptop or studying for their examination while sitting, and that too for long hours. This is harmful to a students’ posture. Hence, Yoga teaches them very well about how to sit in a proper manner and improve your posture.

Stress management –

There is a lot of stress in a student’s life. This gradually leads to performance deterioration not only academically but social as well. Therefore, dealing with stress is a necessity and this is where yoga comes into the picture. Regular practice of yoga asanas like mediation, surya namaskar helps to manage the stress with an ease.

Calmness –

Yoga exercises can calm us effortlessly. This is something to improve upon as calmness is a significant pointer that can help you lead a composed life. Quality it is, that you stay calm in duress.

Self- Confidence and increases Imagination Power –

Make Yoga a part of life and you shall witness huge difference. You would be more self-assured and thus more confident. Yoga enhances the power of imagination and renders you more creative, than you usually are.

Self-control and discipline –

Peers and elders always advise – work upon and enhance discipline and self- control. But, in reality, its never worked upon. Yoga develops discipline and self- control in your life. Sounds amazing right!! Well, learning to control your breath strengthens the self-control and discipline aspects.

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