How to Prepare for Skype Interview ?

How to Prepare for Skype Interview ?

Interviews are a crucial stage for its a make or break moments for all. These days more employers using Skype or Google Hangout for their preliminary round of interviews.  Preliminary interview helps a employer to map an applicant’s goals, skills and qualifications to company’s needs. As an applicant, its important to polish the digital interviewing skills such that the sound quality and body language sends the right message. This article compiles few essential tips that one can work-out and get the best out of skype interviews:

  • Be always prepared for skype interviews: Ensure enough internet plan on your smart phone – as a backup for your regular internet.  Keep your skype application installed and tested on your mobile as well.  So, you wont be making excuses when asked for a skype interview like – bad internet speed, application is not working etc.
  • ID should be Professional:  Make sure that username should be professional that is easily readable that puts the first impression on the interviewer.
  • Make an eye-contact: It may sound awkward, but look at your webcam during the interview and make eye contact. It will make you more presentable and personable in front of professional. Adjust your camera to match your eye-level. You can keep some books and your laptop on top of the books to set a level thats comfortable.
  • Good Quality Microphone: You should be well-audible. Always use a headset during the interview because it is capable of improving the voice and calling quality as compared to built-in microphone on your laptop/webcam.
  • Dress Professionally: “Outfit”, needs attention. The attire should be formal and make sure that the colors of your attire matches the background. The visual impact has to be good to the interviewer.
  • Lights:  Adequate, well-placed light , preferably a soft light on your face would be ideal. Desk light lamps behind the desktop or laptop can be used to improve the display quality.

Well, these are few initial steps to creating a digital ambiance –  for a good length and interesting discussion. Top it up with and smile and a professional firm nod – and this would be the “digital handshake” that sets the tone of your conversation.


Sonam Khadayate Contributor
Sonam has done her B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering. She happens to be a passionate content writer with 4+ years of functional experience and has varied interests in technology, travel, tourism and management related areas.

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