GMAT Preparation: Start Early & Study Consistently

GMAT Preparation: Start Early & Study Consistently

GMAT is one of the significant components for an aspirant seeking post graduation in management. The term stands for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and is designed to analyze the ability of aspirants who are interested in making their career in the stream of Management.

The business schools offer admissions on the basis of GMAT scores. A good GMAT score will definitely boost your chances of getting admission in a highly competitive management course of any b-school. Preparation holds the key like any other competitive examination. Individuals have their own techniques of studying – that works for them. We have compiled some basic to-do’s on how to score more marks in this examination – and this might help to moderate your preparation plan for good,

  • Practice is the key. Learning is not enough to score good marks, practice is required to solve the problems before the deadline of time. Training sessions for short-tricks would be handy too. Plus these training sessions will keep you updated and easily maintain the tempo of your preparation.
  • Daily Timetable for studying and practicing – is a must. Objective is to study in a more organized manner  – for being more effective with your preparation. Your schedule should be to your comfort and you must ensure that you follow without ignoring the time limits. Choose the test date at the end of weekend or holiday session which will increase your focus on GMAT instead of anything else.
  • WEAK areas should be focused methodically – but don’t over do it. You need time to prepare and practice of those chapters that are easier for you and you are able to solve quickly too.
  • Training programs you choose must have sufficient practice sessions. This would ensure that you are exposed to lots of different types of questions. Resolving these varied questions will enhance your confidence level and also helps you to develop a speed of solving.



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