Corporate Interface: Learn from Business Leaders

Corporate Interface: Learn from Business Leaders

Imperative it is, to learn from the business leaders because mere classrooms do not suffice the real-time insights into business management. These days,  business leaders do promote business education by interacting with management students.  Summer projects, industry interaction programs, meeting, conferences, seminars workshops etc. create a podium where business leaders & management students exchange /share information/knowledge.

WIIFM for Industry & Academia

Industry & Business Leaders, thus are able to create a pool of management professionals for the future.  Such endeavors help to create industry-ready professionals.  With the development of infrastructure as the one of major focus or our government, developing skills is the other major focus – and both go hand in hand.

Academia, on the other hand, is able to get the much-needed industry exposure for their management student.

Industry-Academia association helps to fill the gap between the practical -world and the classroom.  In a way, it’s a win-win situation for both.

Industry Expectations

In the era of latest technologies and tools, the industry requires a huge workforce  – a workforce that is knowledgeable and multi-skilled. Such a workforce can support every aspect of the business be it planning, development, or infrastructure.

The scenario of global business demands such kind of leadership qualities that are aggressive in business terms from a manager.  Business professionals must be polished in such a way that they can fit themselves in the global organization. A well-structured curriculum is not enough to make you industry ready. In fact, conditioning by an industry expert and communication expansion are the two key aspects that are essential to make it big – both for a student as well as the employer.


As a student, you might be thinking, “What business management course should I opt for and from where ?” .

Well,  for a good career in the field of business management PGDM is one of the finest courses at this time. Because PGDM is organized to build the capabilities of aspirants.  It loads all the business skills to the industry’s needs in the curriculum and delivers accordingly.  Also, since its highly sensitive to the industry dynamism and needs,  it continuously alters curriculum and pedagogy to fit the students in.

Sonam Khadayate Contributor
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