PGDM: Industry Oriented Management Course

PGDM: Industry Oriented Management Course

With graduation completed, many opt-in to pursue a career program in management. PGDM can be a good management course to settle for, incase that you have zeroed in for a management career.  PGDM expands to Post Graduate Diploma in Management and happens to be the most industry-relevant career program for budding managers. Now the question may arise – Why PGDM and How PGDM is different from other management courses ?

First, PGDM is different from other management courses offered by universities across in the sense that it is an autonomous program. Autonomy allows institutes offering PGDM to offer the advanced skills and education. Upgrade are quickly imbibed, thus prepares a path for a brilliant and strong career of corporate sector.

PGDM programs are structured with industry interface in mind.  Curriculum of a PGDM program is updated regularly on the basis of feedback offered by the industry experts, employers’ and alumnus as well.

The value of PGDM program is further enhanced as it is approved by AICTE.

Second; PGDM offers a basket of latest-specialisations & electives that allows students to select subjects that are current, based on their interest and mapped towards a specific career. Specialisation/electives like Media Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, ERP are some topics that goes beyond the range of a conventional MBA programs.

Third;  PGDM student are provided access to knowledge databases for gathering analysing data to be used for simulations, case discussions, etc.. Activities involving meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditorium – give industry-like ambience and students get used to all these even much before they enter corporates.

Fourth; PGDM course embeds serious intern-ship programs and short term projects for students such that they apply their classroom concepts and knowledge in real work experience. Focus is on productive outputs rather than academic outputs.

Finally, for the aspiring management professionals keen to explore concepts and theory of management, here are some of the reasons of considering a PGDM program over others:

• Time-Frame: PGDM adheres to strict time-frame because the decisions like conducting examinations, running the program lies in the hands of the institution offering the PGDM course.
• Skill/ Performance -Impetus : PGDM curriculum is oriented towards skill & performance thus student are work-ready right from their entry in the business world.
• Entrepreneurial and business skills: Interested in entrepreneurship, then PGDM programs have specialisations/electives that help to set up and manage the business firms of their own.

In short, PGDM fills gap between industry and academics, exposes the students to more real-time challenges. Thus PGDM is best-suited for students who fore-see themselves into corporates. Corporates demand the best skilled candidate in-line with the business dynamics around.

Sonam Khadayate Contributor
Sonam has done her B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering. She happens to be a passionate content writer with 4+ years of functional experience and has varied interests in technology, travel, tourism and management related areas.