MP Board Results 2016: What Next ?

MP Board Results 2016: What Next ?

MP Board Results 2016 has been declared.  In the year 2015, the results percentage was 91 and this year the result percentage is around 94.

Its time for many to ponder, if not already on selecting a Best College that is right. And its the most difficult and crucial aspect of a student out of school and looking to get in a college.

The percentage of taking admission in colleges increases rapidly every year. The searching of college doesn’t start and end with the brand name and stories. There are several colleges, to choose from. Few are known and few are unknown or less known. But, it calls for our attention due to their unique qualities. Every institute has its own capabilities and excellence.

Here are few tips to the students for finding out the best place that really works for you –

Start searching for yourself –Firstly, you have to know about yourself and what you want to do and where you like to go.. These are the few queries which are necessary without choosing any college for making the career in any stream. The reason behind that, if you know your capabilities, strengths, weaknesses so, you can achieve as per your interest.

Size of college really matters –Find such kind of college that is not much bigger than your school. For exploring the knowledge, ability and skills of a student depends on the size of the community. There are lots of large universities established various colleges for this reason. Another important aspect is, few individuals are brilliant in studies during school but when they enter in the big college so their confidence goes down by seeing several people. As well as, it is not easy to set in such a big environment quickly.

Branded college will not make sure for your success –Students always think about the successful people and their colleges but ignore their hard work, concentration, and determination. Nowadays, employers and companies want to see outstanding skills and experience, so individuals have knowledge of their respective field. If you come from a small college but you have skills so you can easily get the job.

No need to scared from the stories –High-level colleges always find extraordinary students that can grasp their special curriculum and can make their personality presentable. It will enhance their prestige but, few students are scared because of rejection. They judge themselves at a very lowest score because their friends told them about the percentage of rejected aspirants. Always work smartly and hardly and see you can achieve the path of success with an ease.

Understandably, with MP Board Results 2016 being declared , lots of thoughts must be shaping up in the minds of parents too. Mrs. Simran Sharma admits that she prefers a college that weighs on for skills & overall development of a student. She says, “College with a conducive atmosphere for the same- is what my son needs” .

Jerry Abraham, another parent of a 12th class student opines, ‘Good college would decide for where you want to be after three years from now, and so it depends on individual to decide on where he/she wants to be in his/her career'” .

Ideally, a 12th class student should have at least a rough sketch on his career path. In many cases, students go to college not knowing what they want to do. Another student, Rohit Vishwakarma says, “Earlier I haven’t been running any thoughts on selecting the college,” He says, “But now, after checking MP Board Results 2016 at, I am feeling the urgency too.”

We all know from any early age whether we’re good in commerce or science, whether we’re good at business—and that can be the foundation coupled with some general tips that have been shared in this article to help you to start thinking …around.  Once you have zeroed down on your needs that map your career objectives and college , you can visit the college website for more information on application forms/ admission to undergraduate courses


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