Career in Commerce : B.Com followed by MBA….

Career in Commerce : B.Com followed by MBA….

mba_kids2016New Generation kids are smarter !!  They exactly know how to shape-up their Career in commerce. BCom followed by MBA is apt for those born leaders and are fascinated by the intricacies of business? Business Management makes one of the most versatile career paths, as there are job opportunities in almost any sector of industry.

Most students these days, as observed smartly chose their streams and subjects. Many rely on their gut feeling and the level of comfort they have in the related subjects studied so far. Some are lucky enough to get a helping hand in understanding their strengths and choosing a stream that is in-line to their strengths.

A commerce, 12th standard  student may prefer to pursue a career in commerce and aligned subjects.  There are undergraduate degree programs like BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) for such an interest.  The usual path would be to go for a Masters in Finance. A Master’s degree in Finance is a postgraduate program designed to prepare graduates for careers in Finance.  BCom provides the knowledge and skills of accounting that  forms the basis of Master’s in Finance.

Some topics that needs to be perfected would be – Balance Sheet, Accounting standards, Accounting Principles, Cash Flow Statements, Ratios, Profit and Loss Statements. As per the experts recommendation, if an aspirant doesn’t take knowledge of all these things so they cannot understand the basic needs of financial management courses.

Barkatullah University (BU) offers the BCom course wherein students can understand and prepare themselves well in their field -of-interest aka commerce. Further they can follow it up with MBA as their master degree. Graduation in accounting would mean that the student is good at accounts and can play with the financial numbers effectively. MBA adds that business management dimension to your academic profile – and would definitely be an advantage from a career -point-of-view.

The main purpose of taking finance and accounts is not for becoming just an accountant. In fact, the financial management and other accounting subjects enhance the skills of individuals so that they can get the deep knowledge of several accounting documents and statements. Those people come from non-commerce background face lots of troubles to understand these basic things in business. But, don’t take stress because hard working and smart students will achieve anything as per their requirements and interests.

IPER offers full-time MBA programme. Our teaching-pedagogy is designed to make your learning as comfortable as possible, with facilities that allow you to build your career in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our lecturers will provide all the support and guidance you require, so re-discover yourself with an unforgettable campus experience.

How to get in?

Admissions to MBA are governed by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) via online counselling. Interested students are requested to follow DTE’s official website.

We have also created various touch-points for your convenience. Keep visiting our website – we constantly update news related to DTE admission schedules. Subscribe to our blogs as we keep coming up with articles on admission processes.  Simply call/ email (Contact IPER), or fill in an online enquiry form, or pop into our  campuses on any working day, where one of our consultants will gladly assist you.


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