Top 3 Factors Considered While College Admission Procedure

Top 3 Factors Considered While College Admission Procedure

Results of 12th standard is  around the corner, if not already. A stressful time for many parents and students – as they have to zero down on colleges. While there is a lot of information available admission procedures,we have gathered some common elements that are factored in college admissions. Of course, every college and university follow their own admission procedures.

An annual report of college admission survey states that it is based on admission test scores, higher secondary percentage, skills, recommendations and extracurricular activities. These are the few significant factors that will make a student brilliant and eligible for figuring out as an ideal candidate.

  • Grades and Curriculum: – The main aspect of getting admission in colleges is “Grades”. Overall colleges and institutions judge the students’ ability firstly on the percentage and then go to the other aspects. Curriculum’s strength comes second because it can affect our entire degree and developing skills. Sometimes, few topics are not required in the course but the few universities follow the old pattern and present the awareness of today’s world from the students. Then, students can choose a college after seeing the curriculum carefully and decide which course is best for them as per it.
  • Admission Test Scores: – Few institutions and universities conduct an entrance exam for collecting the extraordinary students. The reason behind that, no one wants to see lower grades individuals because this thing downs their reputation.
  • Student’s demonstrated Interests & Extra Curricular activities: – Most of the colleges also factor students demonstrated interests in areas of sports, cultural, etc. . Probably this balances a student’s score card and they can easily take admission even if their academic grades are on a lower side.

Finally it boils down to an individuals choice on colleges. So, its about gathering information, before zeroing down on your choice of college. You can easily find information regarding their average class size in-case you prefer to have more individualized-interaction & attention. Information regarding their teaching pedagogy would also be handy. You would exactly know the way class is conducted and what to expect and how to prepare.

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