Digital India

Digital India

Zeal- the corporate interface community for IPERUG, held a panel discussion at IPER Auditorium “Digital India Initiative” today. The event began with the lamp-lighting, followed by floral welcome of Corporate Guest Mr. Rajeev Agrawal, Add. General Secretary, All Industries Association, Mandideep by Mr. Mahesh Soni, Strategic Group Member IPER.

Snaps of Corporate Interface Community at IPER


A multifaceted personality Mr. Rajeev Agrawal who is also a corporate trainer and Guest Faculty at several leading Institutions in India delivered lecture which was full of inspiration and information about what India can become if the right kind students are made available to the industry. He stressed on the need of special skill apart from theoretical knowledge. He also pointed that with bookish knowledge students can be good for appearing in quiz, but he or she is not ready for serving in corporate. To deliver in such scenario, students have to add skills to their knowledge and have to stand apart from the crowd. He quoted the example of Footballers who are getting more remuneration than their colleagues because they are playing with both legs having equal capacity. He informed that the Industry sector is contributing only 13% to the GDP which is much less than other Asian countries, he pointed that “Make in India” is different from Made in India and we do not want to become second China but want to create our own qualitative products which is comparable to Japanese or European standards. He informed that the biggest recruiter in the near future will be the shipping sector and for that a student must have (a) Core Competence, (b) Additional Skill and (c) No excuse about inadequate support. He also informed about why our “Make In India” Logo is a Lion, he said Forest is ruled by Lions not by dragon or eagle. “Make In India” is an opportunity to use what we have, rather than wasting time in finding what we don’t have.

The students of IPER UG thoroughly enjoyed his lecture and wanted more of his time, but due to his other engagements, he had to rush through the lecture. He was presented a Memento by Dr. Vaibhav Lowlekar, Strategic Group Member IPER.

The next activity on the agenda was Panel Discussion which was observed by Mr. Rohit Khandelwal, Founder BindaasKart dot com, who was given a warm welcome by Dr. Vaibhav Lowlekar, Strategic Group Member, IPER. The panel comprised of students from IPER UG Management and IPER UG Commerce Group. The discussion focused on initiative taken by the Government of India about digitalization of all the work of government connected to citizens. The panel members discussed the benefits and the drawbacks of the initiative till now. Management group focused on providing of services through the nine pillars and Commerce group focused on the delivery shortcoming of the Initiative.

The Guest Mr. Rohit Khandelwal observed that both the groups have performed well with one informing about finer points of the initiative and other pointing out the delays and shortcomings.

He then went on to lecture on “Start Up India” wherein he informed about what the Government is doing to promote Entrepreneurship in India as well as the support industry is providing from their efforts to the upcoming ideas. Start Early and take the initiative to build your own enterprise he said is the mantra for the success of “Start Up India” program of the government.

Certificates of participation and appreciation were awarded to the students by the Guest Mr. Rohit along with IPER UG Commerce Group HOD Dr. Upasana Sharma and IPER UG Management Group HOD Dr. Trupti Dave.

Mr. Rohit Khandelwal was presented a Memento by Dr. Vaibhav Lowlekar, Strategic Group Member IPER.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Aakriti Tahiliani, student B Com (Hons) II on behalf of IPER UG Students and Faculties to the Guests Mr. Rajeev Agrawal and Mr. Rohit Khandelwal.

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