RISE – The Rejuvenating Mantra of College Student Life

RISE – The Rejuvenating Mantra of College Student Life

Annual Fest enjoying students in collegeWe all need fun moments in our college student life as it rejuvenates. The break once in a while, is something that just might make college life a bit more ‘enjoyable’ than usual. It can do wonders and RISE is one of those moments that one can experience at IPERUG. Its an extended fest – it is for all undergraduate students across the state.

As a college student we may be a nerd, or the back-benchers or the ones who are never seen in class. The one thing we’ll all agree to? We love college fests and whether we say it or not we all have been waiting for RISE to come again and it has been almost a year.

Our wait is almost over, everyone around is busy arranging the festival, and the organising team is busy organising it, and the rest of the students they have the task of assisting each other. Teamwork is a fun. Its seems as if diwali is around and everyone in the family is doing their bit to make this a grand success. Isnt it ? That’s right. Because it our festival, its RISE Season 2.

Teams have been formed, volunteers have been given their portfolio of activities as they liked.The most important thing now would be to distribute the work such that it doesnt descend into chaos once the fest starts. Team coordinators need to ensure workloads and keep mapping the tasks in hand, and in case something does go wrong, we should deal with the group in-charge, instead of running around frantically trying to find a solution. Probably this would be my advice-tip to all my juniors who would be witnessing RISE for the first time.

College Student Life at IPER – RISE Season 2

In general, participation is to engage in society for issues that effects an individually. It challenges oppression , develops a wider vision and learn from the life-work complexity. Participation helps to identify opportunities and act accordingly. As a part of college student life, every student must participate in the programmes and activities held in the College. At IPER UG, the students eagerly wait for every event announcement and enjoy the participation.

RISE encourages participation as it acts as a catalyst to spark things up in one’s monotonous college schedule. Therefore we expect more this year and even more participation in the years to follow.

RISE brings in participants because:

1. its what the heart wants:

Its an excellent platform to showcase all kinds of different talents ranging from arts, educational and sports to informal ones in the least time. Its not winning but sweet realisation of being accepted makes participant feel proud and important.

2. its socialising:

Its being with those pople who have same career aspirations a ours; kinda being on the same boat. Thus its easy to communicate and increase your social circle. Yes, we can see the onset of so many selfies, too.

3. ..and it gives the much needed break from the books:

So before slowly returning to the monotonous college schedule again, RISE gives them an energy boost that would replenish their minds.

Nonetheless, it instils cultural sensitivity in all of us and it indirectly helps in career aspirations be it be a business or a profession.

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