Student Reviews – Let your creative horses unleash”

Student Reviews – Let your creative horses unleash”

RISE an annual fest of IPER for under-graduate students which comes  from various institutions in Madhya Pradesh that aims to invent new insights and share knowledge and learning skills to combat the challenges offered in today’s competitive environment. The best experience, students can ever have and comes under the student reviews.

Being iperians, life at IPER is the best, and we are proud to be a part of this prestigious institution. College Cultural events are some of the most happening events in the city and its premier at IPER.

Rise Season 2 features scintillating experience of fun, memories and accolades (awards). A place to let your creative horses unleash, our college fest are not the yield of a week’s toil. In fact, preparations begin a quarter month before. Students bury out of the books and gear up to mobilize other’s who willingly spare time to work for the fest.

The theme for our college fest is of utmost importance as the contestants should be trending with the current scenario and students must be able to relate it.

This set me thinking because the purpose of my writing this piece was to encourage students to participate in various activities in college and in turn learn something about the world of work.

So I turned to Zen philosophy to see where my premises had gone wrong. At one place I read “The wise don’t strive to arrive. Life is not about getting somewhere in a hurry, but enjoying the journey to the full.”

I came to the conclusion that if Rahul’s organising tournaments was helping him learn vital managerial skills that mere books cannot teach, then his failure was just a by-product of this activity. Another Zen master said “Gaze at the stars, but walk on the earth.”

Aakriti Tahiliani Contributor
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