Exploring Knowledge – Research & Literary Community Event at IPER UG

The Research and Literary Community of IPER UG organized an event under the theme -“Exploring Knowledge”.

Programme started with BM V Students member of the community calling for the details of this event and requesting HOD, Department of Management and HOD Department of Commerce, IPER UG for lamp lighting. The first activity was Article presentation on the theme of Women Empowerment, Youth and emerging India and Youth Techno Freak by students of commerce and management department took part.

R&L Community event at IPER
R&L Community event at IPER

The students in their display highlighted about the absence of laws and family support for women empowerment, because of which social development and economic status of women are not improving. Winners in this event were BBA I student Rajveer Kaur, 1st runner-up was Anjali Pathak, B Com (Hons) I and 2nd runner up was Shubham Joshi, BM III.

Simultaneously collage making competition “Clutter World” was held on the II floor of MBA Block on theme social and political. The students displayed their creativity by fixing various newspaper clippings on posters along with their writings and paintings depicting various issues related to the theme. Winners in this event were Hersha Verma, Sheetal Yadav & Mehak Shrivastav of BBA III, 1st runner-up was Akansha Rajput, Indu Bharati of BBA III and 2nd runner up were Priyanka Jain, Munikesh Vaidya and Rajveer Kaur of BBA I.

Next event of dramatics was held in which students played a drama on a theme which was education awareness and fraud via advertisement (misleading). In this competition students of B Com (Hons) III Nabeel Siddiqui, Rishi Tiwari, Krishna Kant Patidar, Gurleen Kaur Mokha, Sheetal Gurao, Vaishali Singh, Simran Saluja and Akansha Sahu were the winners.

Thereafter power presentation was shown by students in which they presented their views on entrepreneurship skills and achievements of leading entrepreneurial personalities. The best show was about Entrepreneur Shuchi Mukherjee, former e-bay director, now co-founder of Limeroad. The other entrepreneur whose details given by students was Bahadur Ali of IB group who has single handily made this company to rise from poultry to other major interests like oil, feed plants etc. The winners in this competition were students of B Com III Shubhangi Singh and Nidhi Patel.

The last activity was Literary Games in which there were three rounds comprising of ‘expression mastro’ ‘spell bee’, ‘who am I’ and ‘spur of the moment’. In the event ‘expression mastro’ the students were given words, and it was to be explained to team members through acting or nonverbal expressions within 1 minute. The winning position was tied between Shivangi Singh, Nidhi Patel, Deepika Pundhir and Rohan Mathur of B Com III and Avni Maheshwari, Sumit Kumar Kadele, Ashwin Yadav and Deepak Pareek of BM III, 1st runner up were Nabeel Siddique, Rishi Tiwari, Gurleen Kaur and Krishnakant Patidar of B Com (Hons) III. Next in ‘spell bee’, students were given words and they were supposed to guess its correct spellings within a particular time frame.

The winning position was tied between Avni Maheshwari and Ashwin Yadav of BM III, 1st runner-up was Ashi Rathi of BM I. In the same way students were given clues to match books with their authors as well as matching entrepreneurs with their companies in ‘who am I’ contest. The winner were Shubham Joshi, Sumit Kumar Kadele, Ashiwin Yadav and Deepak Pareek of BM III, 1st runner up were Vidhi sharma, Sinu sona and Ashwini S Pillai of BM I and 2nd runner up were Rahul Gurnani, Ashutosh Sahu, hersh Mishra and Neeraj Bajaj of BM I. In the event ‘spur of the moment’ casual day to day questions were asked to the students and they were required to answer spontaneously in 5 secs and also to speak on their answer for 2 min. The winner was Udit Joshi of BBA III and 1st runner up was Achal Baghel of BBA III.

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