Vigilance Awareness Week – Preventive Vigilance for Good Governance

IPER, Bhopal organized Panel Discussion and observed Vigilance Awareness Week on the theme “Preventive Vigilance as a Tool of Good Governance”

As per the directives of All India Council of Technical Education, AICTE & Central Vigilance Commission, CVC – All Technical & professional educational institutions were to observe “Vigilance Awareness Week” from 26th to 31st Oct. 2015. In this regard Panel discussion, debate, elocution was suggested on the given theme -“Preventive Vigilance as a Tool of Good Governance”. Vigilance Awareness Week

The Central Vigilance Commission initiated event – Vigilance Awareness Week was observed by the students of IPER Bhopal – one of the most preferred colleges in Bhopal and the oldest B-School in Central India. The purpose was to create student awareness against Corruption. The topic of the discussion chosen by the students was “Corruption- The biggest bottleneck in economic progress”.

The initial phase of the panel discussion went around the key understanding of the term corruption. What is corruption? It simply states that the misuse of Public property for personal improvement, according to Ankit, an MBA Semester – II student. He said corruption is fast becoming an inseparable part of our society. Identifying the corrupt malpractices is becoming increasingly impossible because a large section of the society is involved in it. In some years, the proportion of corruption would increase voluminously and various scam stories surface like everyday news.

We all know that corruption is a worldwide occurrence and it gives a huge setback to developmental activities. It is present in India from a long time if you go back into history, from the era of Mughals and even before that. Prominently two malpractices in corruption – money laundering and bribery are the most dreaded ones. There are many forms of bribery and money laundering. Students today must understand that if they do not crush this growing giant today, it will eventually kill the entire social fabric and long preserved culture of our Society.

We must hurry upon in dealing with this degrading situation and make haste. The reason why India should become a corruption free country:

  • In rural areas, the government allotted funds for development to solve their daily life issues. In the absence of a mechanism to arrest corrupt practices in the funding chain, these funds will never reach the targeted receivers – the farmers and the poor section of society. If we will help to identify them and reach the funds for the people of rural areas so it a first step to ending the corruption.
  • In academic sectors, lots of deserving candidates are not able to take admissions and employment. The main reason is, a few dishonest individuals take donations and bribe to acquire the seats in companies and colleges. Todays, some of the corrupt recruiters select candidates on donations instead of their skills and merits. This must stop as only then our society will get the services from the skilled and capable engineers, doctors and similar other professionals, otherwise, if developmental activities go into the hands of people who were recruited through malpractices then there will be no development.
  • Corruption also seems to creep into the law and justice system of our India. The dishonest leaders and administrators prevent criminals from strict punishments. Most of the people are tolerating such kind of activities and live in a corrupt environment. Instead of doing this, they have to raise their voice and take a stand against corruption.
  • It works on a large scale industry in all the sectors and the largest budget deficits exist in India. The decrease in corruption and bribery can enhance the chances of investments in various areas such as education and health.


For the students of IPER, serving the society and addressing socio-economic issues is not new. Through this panel discussion, the students have put in a positive effort towards enlightening the society that corruption will not have a future. IPER is one of the Best Colleges in Bhopal, read more on MBA in Bhopal and Undergraduate colleges in Bhopal here.

Sonam Khadayate Contributor
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