Guest Lecture on Industry Interface Learning with Academic Institutions

INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH (IPER ) ,one of the leading B-schools of Central India always known for its academic excellence and placement opportunities organised a Corporate Interaction session  held on 5th Dec 2015 on the topic “RE-ENGINEERING”. Mr. Anurag Kastwar, Chief Consultant, Aradya Consultancy, Mumbai was briefing about the Re-engineering concept in a very lucid manner.

The Guest Lecture on Industry Interface is specially organized for Masters of Business Administration students.

Guest Lecture at IPER Bhopal
Guest Lecture at IPER Bhopal

While addressing the IPER –MBA students he appreciated the students for selecting IPER as their launch pad for their career as IPER indeed is one of the leading B-school in the country, He focused on the various attributes that the students should possess which include Qualities like self believe, faith, motivation, persistent approach towards life, Networking, team building, communication skills, Public speaking, Passion of doing the work, Professional maturity, multi-skill, urge for learning, innovation and the various attributes which can make the todays youth competitive and are desired by the Industry.

Mr. Anurag Kastwar, also expresses about the 80:20 principle of life and the desires of doing the job or Ownership with value creation. He also discussed all the personality traits which are appreciated by the industry and shared his life experiences , the difference between the college life , academic life, and professional life and Industry environment. While sharing his knowledge he was explaining about the nitty grities of life, How technology has changed the life, various other application which is making our life easier and challenging and the importance of application in reengineering. He also cited his own experience and the relevance of innovation in corporate, constantly working towards creating better value in personality through the concept of reengineering.

IPER is always known for academic excellence , with this type of initiative taken by IPER ,the objective was to bridge the gap between Industry and Institutions. This types of events always provide a platform to the students apart from conventional learning Throughout the session students were excited to learn about the practical realities , and the concepts of re-engineering shaping the corporate world and shown great interest .

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