UDBHAV – To enhance the Leadership Skills

IPER Bhopal organizes a session for MBA students “UDBHAV” to enhance the leadership skills. It especially conducts to improve the interpersonal skills and how to work as an individual when you are in a team. This session includes various activities and lots of students actively participated to enjoy the UDBHAV. This is such a great platform to communicate with everyone via activities and helps to boost their self-confidence.

UDBHAV comprises following activities – Nirman: The Structural Design Activity, Snake: Leading from the back, Make it Fast. These activities individually test the student’s ability in different ways. At first, “Nirman” – In this activity, students have to make a strong bridge by newspapers and height should be high so that football can easily pass it. At the same time, it can bear a weight of the book and this thing decides the winner. It helps to improve the leadership skills.

udbhav_2015Snake” activity was organized to test the group coordination and teamwork which is really necessary when you will work in any organization. It has 5 members in a team and all have to stand in a line by placing their hands on the shoulders. All the members of a team will be blindfolded except the last one because it will lead the team.

Blind Fold Game

At last, “Make It Fast” activity gives a chance to show their individual talents while students are working in a team environment. In this activity, every member of a team has to perform and move the ball from one glass to another. Students have to move balls by blowing air instead of their hands.

make_it_fast_game_udbhav_2015These kinds of activities are really mind refreshing and students also learn lots of significant things just by enjoying it. As we know, Management degree requires management, team building, leadership and interpersonal skills. The UDBHAV session was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Ravi Lakhani, Asst. Prof of IPER.

Sonam Khadayate Contributor
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