New Website Launch: Reflexions 2015

New Website Launch: Reflexions 2015

The new website of the RefleXions – Management fest of IPER MBA went live today.  This website will be based on bootstrap framework. This replaces the earlier wordpress based micro-site of RefleXions. The website is to be maintained by the digital team on RefleXions, to provide detailed information on all the aspects of the event. Update frequency will be only once , during the fest and once fest is over, the site will continue to keep the information almost static till the next event. This will serve as the baseline for the new digital team on what activities they need to iron out.

Visit the website by clicking here

RefleXions - On SmartphoneWhy this responsive website ?

The one page website boasts a modern, colorful design built with Bootstrap 3. This framework happens to be flexible, follows latest standards and is thoroughly tested. It’s included by default in Joomla 3. Bootstrap’s CSS files are also provided in LESS which makes it very easy to customize. It  is built on responsive 12-column grids, layouts and components, thus the flexibility to choose from.
Another useful set of features are the responsive utility classes using which you can make a certain block of content appear or hide only on devices based on the size of their screen. Very handy when you want to hide some content based on screen size. Adding a class such as .visible-desktop to a element, will make it visible only for desktop users. There are similar classes for tablets and phones. Further,this framework houses, the base styling for most HTML elements.

Why this responsive website ?

The term “responsive web design” is not relatively new;  it means –a website design that adjusts gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. It matters because it’s better, and everyone else is doing it.

As per google analytic stats, we observed that more than 60% of visitors are coming using mobile, tablet, and other devices for the past 12 months. This year the refleXion’s committee decided to do away with a sub-optimal experience and embrace the Future which is for sure going to be Mobile.


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