Campus Recruitment Updates

Campus Drive by Ashiana Housing Ltd is  scheduled on  26th November 2015 (Thursday). Eligible and shortlisted students are required to report at 10.00 am at IPER Campus.

A Campus recruitment procedure includes various rounds such as assessment tests, presentations, GDs (group discussion), technical interviews and PIs (personal interview). This kind of process takes an entire day or sometimes 2-3 days for completing it.

Follow the below-mentioned tips that will help to achieve the success of online assessment test in Campus drive –

nowadays, there are several practice tests available on the web related to campus recruitments. So, you can start preparing by taking tests on it and improve your performance. It will really help you to score more marks and also get solutions of practice papers after the test. Therefore, you can check your mistakes and clear your confusions well.

Don’t guess the answers to questions instead of doing it, just try to solve every question by giving some time and put logics in it. The main reason behind that, it gives you average rank and lower marks which you don’t want to score.

Take proper sleep at night because it refreshes your mind completely and you can easily focus on assessment test without having any distraction.

Always make sure that you are not disturbed while taking the test. It decides the level of your passing and failing.

Don’t get nervous during calculating the numerical problems like percentage, ratios, etc. sometimes, students do a lot of mistakes for solving these kinds of questions and not able to score good marks in the test.

Make a habit of reading short and long passages of English in Verbal Reasoning section so that it will add an advantage at the time of an online test. You can easily read any kind of passage quickly and tick answers without taking a long time as others.

If you get stuck on any question then don’t waste your time on it, just move onto another question and solve it. Later on, you can come back and try to solve. As a result, your time will be saved and instead of frozen, you can attempt rest ones effectively.

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