Reflexions launched on FB

Reflexions launched on FB

Join us to stay up-to-date on the latest news, and share the excitement with others attending the #Reflexions-IPER event in person or those behind the scenes – preparing for this event go big.

Our moderators – are busy keeping pace to post with the latest as they happen. All students – including the peers who have conducted the  previous seasons are requested to drop in with their memories as RefleXions snap that had not been published before or your experiences.

Facebook is the undisputed destination of all social networks . Its highly likely that our audiences – would be accessing it more frequently , if not regularly.  Our audience & participants lives in close proximity Bhopal city, is a management student, 21 years or older, and has interests in management, social, arts and cultural areas.Facebook helps us in building a community online and serves as a communication platform for conveying our event related messages. Further, every year we have seen a tremendous growth in our social connections. This is really encouraging.

fb_reflexionsVisit our FB  page for RefleXions at : 

We believe that the very best college Facebook Pages go above and beyond simply looking good. They engage their visitors with pictures, videos, and campaigns. They cross-promote with other social networks and guide visitors to specific initiatives the school is running.

Many b-schools, universities have used this tools very effectively – to engage and build a good community across.

The University of New South Wales displays multiple tabs at the top of their FB page.  Visitors find it very easy to reach-out to various activities that are upcoming, ongoing or were held in the university. Their events page stands out. It links to its full events calendar, a jobs page, and a preview of its awesome. 

Further UNSW, comes up with an interactive way to engage the visitor. There is a trivia page,  that asks students to answer four questions about things like when they start their day and how often they really attend lectures.

Digital team at RefleXions, keeps following the trend and every year would keep innovating its approach to maintain the growth of its digital community.

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