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Not many of us Iperians had the faintest of idea that we are about to join a huge family of 3.2 million volunteers from over 300 Universities across India ! The National Service Scheme (NSS) was introduced on 24th September 1969, the centenary birth anniversary year of Mahatma Gandhi. It initially starts in 37 universities from all over the states along with 40,000 volunteers. With the orientation programme of NSS at IPER in 2015, another channel for serving the society opens up for all Iperians.

The motto of this national scheme is “Not Me, Not You, But We”. It represents that the key factor of NSS is to work for people, which is called Social Service. In spite of that, the main objective is to develop the personality via community service. This scheme encourages the welfare and humanity’s thoughts in the students and offer services without expecting anything from the society.  The NSS volunteers work for everyone in the society who wants help and they can live their life with a dignity.

The main purpose of this scheme is as follows-

  • This scheme allows students to understand about the work and community.
  • They need to know their relation along with the community.
  • It enables to recognize the requirements and troubles of the public and solve their problems.
  • Develop the responsibility factor in terms of social and civic related things.
  • Use the knowledge of people to find the practical solutions of the community issues.
  • Acquire the leadership skills and right attitude to talk others.
  • This scheme builds the capability which is necessary to adjust with new individuals and work as a team member.
  • Make capable to handle the emergencies and disasters.

During this work, volunteers also acquire lots of things from the people of villages that how they live happily without any facility. Additionally, how they handle different kinds of circumstances easily.

National Service Scheme works into units which comprises volunteers. Various schools and colleges have a NSS unit which contains 20-30 students like- IPER Bhopal. It offers variety of management programs and high quality education among other colleges in Bhopal. As well as, take part in social welfare campaigns to motivate their students for such kind of services. The unit is internally managed by the institute or school and report to the NSS Regional Coordinator. Annual camps are also conducted in different places of the country and its funds are organized by the government and other volunteer organizations.

Usually the NSS camps located in the villages and those areas where people require community services.  It includes various kinds of activities like Cleaning, Awareness, afforestation, etc.  In these camps, stage shows are also organized to create the social awareness for many disputes / problems. Then, they represent their plans to solve those issues and do activities for it. Due to these activities, students can easily develop themselves and the NSS certificates also help to get the job opportunities.

To learn more about the activities and programmes undertaken in the NSS, visit the NSS Website.

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