Sports Day at IPER-UG

“Celebrating Action” theme aptly applicable on IPER UG Sports Community event held on 10th Oct 2015, which included following activities: –

Kho – Kho (nick named “Active Chasers”), Rapid Chess, Carrom and Table Tennis started simultaneously at the IPER Lawn, BBA III room and B Com I room respectively. Followed by Slow Bike / Scooty race, 3 – Legged race held at the ground behind Cafeteria. Then Blow to win at erstwhile recreation room and Dart game at erstwhile Language Lab were held. The event ended with last game of Blind Masters held at Auditorium. The enthusiasm in students to participate in these games was visible as some of them took part in each of them shuttling between the venues and virtually flying here and there to avoid delay.

Students took part in Kho – Kho in such great numbers that there were 9 teams consisting of 9 students in each team. The winning team in Kho – Kho were from BBA I namely Maaj Kamal, Gyandeep Shrivastava, Vaibhav Asati, Rahul Chakravorti, Kanan Patidar, Shivani Shukla, Shivani Chouksey, Sapna Shinde and Tomcy Thomas and Runner up were from B Com I namely Harshit Gupta, Priyanka Parmar, Dipti Porwal, Sakshi Sahu, Yash Chouhan, Sunny Pandey, Sagar Bajaj, Satish Nagpure and Simran Sherwani.


Next popular choice was Rapid Chess which also saw huge participation from students. The winner in Rapid Chess was Hitesh Chouhan from BBA III, first runner up was Rahul Chakravorti from BBA I and second runner up was Himanshu Swamy from B Com I.

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Carrom was also a preferred game as far number of students taking part is concerned. The winners in Carrom – singles was Anurag Chourasiya from B Com (Hons) III, first runner up was Pawan Patidar from B Com I and second runner up was Ayush Tiwari from B Com (Hons) I. The winning team in Carrom – doubles were Yasir Khan and Ashi Rathi from BM I, first runner up were Mekhla Shrivastava and Om Gond from B Com I and second runner up were Hitesh Chouhan and Aditya Pachauri from BBA III.

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These days’ young boys and girls like to drive vehicles and Favourite race among boys and girls alike was the slow bike / scooty race on this day. The winner in Slow Bike / Scooty race in Boys category was Shubham Kabra from B Com III and runner up was Vicky Ramchandani from BM I. The winner in the same race in Girls category was Samiksha Gaur from B Com (Hons) I and runner up was Konika Thakre from B Com (Hons) I.

Icing on the cake went to 3 – Legged race wherein students paired in two binding their legs and jumping to reach the destination. So overwhelmingly students came forward that instead of adhering to the earlier declared list of participants, fresh ones were also accommodated because of requests and repeated pleas from them. The winning team comprised of Rahul Sharma and Gyandeep Shrivastava from BBA I followed by first runner up Sheetal Mishra and Honey Vyas from BBA III and second runner up Yash Chouhan and Sakshi Sahu from B Com I.

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Blow to win was the game in which students have to blow air into a thermocol glass in order to push it from one end of the rope to another end. The winning team in this game were Shagun Trehan, Fauzia Jabbar, Hatim Saify, Kanha Trivedi and Abhishek singh Baghel from BM V, first runner up were Sunny Pandey, Bobby Singh Rajput, Sakshi Sahu, Saskriti Mahato and Priyanka Parmar from B Com I and second runner up were Sukoon Trehan, Sumit Kumar kadale, Monika Guatam, Deepak Pareekh and Ashwin Yadav from BM III.

Dart Game also saw great participation and everyone wanted to try out their target practice without even knowing the rules of the game. However in the end winners was Aditya Pachouri from BBA III and runner up had tie between Abhishek Singh from BM V, Yashaw Goyal from B Com III, Ishna Malhotra from B Com (Hons) III, Ayushman Sharma from B Com (Hons) I and Bobby Singh Rajput from B Com I.

Last game of Blind masters saw 12 students participating in one team with total almost 100 students taking part. The winning team was from B Com III, followed by team from BM III in first runner up position and then tie between teams from B Com (Hons) III and BBA I for the second runner up position.

The Sports Day games ended with overall participation of IPER UG students in great number making it the most successful community event.

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